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How much you EARN in a month?

hello everyone! i join fiverr 3 month ago and become seller of level 2 and earning hardly $300 in a month. is that fine for a level two seller to earn $300 a month ?

Usually, on the second of every month, I take delivery of a new priceless art piece and add a new exotic dancer to my personal harem. On Wednesday afternoons, we then all go skinny dipping together in my vault full of gold. In this case, you could say that I make rather a lot.

I wouldn’t like to put a number on it, though.

Of course, none of that is true. I can say, though, that i am happy enough and have more than I need. However, that is also due to me being a sticker for budgeting. As for how much specifically… Don’t go telling people!

Is it okay to make $300/month you ask? Well, I see everything I make at Fiverr as a bonus, so happy with whatever I make…don’t get excited when I make a lot and don’t get upset or depressed when I don’t make much.

To earn $300 a month after only three months is very good and more than I earned after being here for such a short time.

There’s no such thing as a good or bad amount to make. The first goal should be to be content that you are successful on Fiverr and that just means to make any sales at all, since it’s something you didn’t have before Fiverr.

After that, your goal can be to make enough to pay your bills and expenses and if you get extra, that’s great and you need to save up for the next slow time. In freelancing there will always be times you are doing better and then you’ll hit a patch where you are lucky if you are making anything. After a while it picks up again.

yes i am asking this.

but some people are here earning $300 in week.

This is really helpful. thank you