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How much your gig view and Click?

Hi there,
My new gig have click = 2 and views = 24. Is this bad / normal / Good. What is your choice and how much your gig views and click?
Good Day

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Thank you

I highly recommend reading this post:

I am getting only click, view and impression and no order yet.So everything is equal to zero until I get my first order, videos uploaded and pics still no order , Saying one thing to Fiverr Admin that The seller who are in 1,2 or Top Rated they show them on homepage.But those have already started to business actually new users who is working hard they have real need to get attention and we are in may be some 230 th number in search, Give one a chance to prove.

The same day the CS resolved the issue with gig views and clicks I got 2 orders. So, I guess not getting orders was also related to that issue with some of us. I think the most important are the clicks that you get on your gig. That determines who read your gig description, not only seeing the picture and title. So, focus on that to see if people are interested in your gig. Your description and pictures are really good! Good luck with getting orders!

@anamariaedan how long did it take you to get your first order after creating account?

Thanks. I’m also facing same situation.

@jonbaas Just when someone is trying to discuss a problem on their stats then what is your reason to call it spam ? The only reason of your being in 2nd level is you arrived here on fiverr earlier and is this way to measure quality in fiverr ? I have no problem to live fiverr and will start later with my Web designing power but it is not expected behaviour from US Artist?

I am an active participate in all of these Fiverr forums. @harrygig has copy and pasted the same message above in multiple forums. According to forum etiquette, that is considered spam.

You will note that my “please stop spamming” comment was posted in direct response to harrygig’s spam comment.

Please do not jump to conclusions. I have no problems with the discussion in this thread, nor the OP request for help that @portrait_d posted.

Now I see that seller, ron29uk, is gone also. There have been many disappearances lately.

While the spam post by @harrygig has now been removed (along with @jonbaas helpful report) it was the correct thing to notify the spammer about the rules. As @jonbaas and @misscrystal explained, he was not calling this whole thread spam, just the one user who was advertising here.

Hello, i was like you about a month ago but you know the real thing is we should improve our gigs. as much as we can…

Add new things. Give some offers, Give fiverr your time and slowly and gradually you will start getting order… Don’t just sit on the gigs use the buyer requests send them amazing offers and you will start getting some orders.

thank you

Thank you. I appreciate the support, clarification… and removal of the noted spam comment. :slight_smile:

What happened to ron29uk? Was he so outraged he closed his account?

Thank anamariaedan I 'm waiting for order.