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How my friend got 4 orderrs in a first week

getting order iniitially isnt an easy job but if you follow the following tips you ll get new orders.
1 remain online as long as you can
2 reply to the buyer requests effectively and efficiently.
3 and never think about giving up.
here is the result of what he has achieved


Hi there,

it’s nice that you want to tell people how your friend got orders but if you want this to stay posted in “Tips”, you need to delete the link, else your post will probably be flagged and by that hidden.

If you want the link to stay in the post, you can move the post to the “My Fiverr Gig” category, as per the forum rules, that’s the only category that allows direct advertising/gig links. You can change the category by using the pen icon in your thread title.

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thank you very much for the kindness