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How my friend got his first order in minutes


Last year, I introduced a friend to Fiverr. After he had set up his account, I recommended that he takes some time to go through the forum in order to learn from experienced sellers. I also suggested that he stays active by posting and replying to other posts whenever he could. To his surprise, he got his first order barely an hour after he had posted on the forum. The client saw his post and went ahead to order from him.

In case you are wondering, yes - that’s also how I got my first order. In my case, it took around 3 weeks but my first client also ordered after seeing my posts on the forum. I don’t believe in coincidences. So here is my suggestion to new sellers struggling to get their first orders:

  1. Learn. Go to this category and read through the threads. Most of the questions have been answered here comprehensively by experienced sellers

  2. Be active on the forum.
    Posting “why am I not getting any orders” doesn’t count as being active.

All the best!

Why I should use Fiverr Forum?

In my way of reasoning, I believe people are more likely to check out a profile that shows interest in others and offers interest. Such as you keep your name out there even if it’s a little bit. I’m a graphic designer and my designs do well on Instagram because I follow this rule of commenting on others. I just want it to pan out here, and I love getting to know post.


Neither does “Thank you, this is useful for a newbie like me”, or any other variety of “Good tips!” posts. :slight_smile:


I agree. Instead of including such formal statements, one should deliberately analyse the matter and then post his\her own creative idea so that readers can assess his/her ability and characteristics.


Thank you for your input and advice and sharing how long it took you and your friend to get your first order. With all these “algorithms” and sellers on Fiverr, it can be hard to know how how you can get more people to find your profile. I never thought about clients reading the forum! I will stay active and positive! Thanks again!


For sure, however, being a new member on any platform is not a walk into the park. First of all, one need to be familiar with customs(Forums, how it works, etc…) which can be overwhelming. Thus, while getting to navigate in between the lines, posting such formal statements is at times a must to keep one going. I mean, it gives you at least the feeling of being part of something.
Ps: I myself joined 2 days ago


Great advice! The forum is also a great research tool for seeing what many buyers are doing wrong, so you can stand out by doing it right!


Good tips, thank you, this is useful to a newbie like me.


Thanx a lot my friend for your tips…i joined before a month ago…but still didn’t receive any request…hope these tips will help to get orders from buyers…thanx a lot


It’s not a must at any point, it’s a choice. And a choice that some users keep making without ever reading either the forum rules, or the posts they’re responding to (they’re easy to notice, all they ever say is a variety of “good tips!”, and they keep spamming the forum with it, even if the original post is nonsense).

It might give them the feeling of being a part of something, but that feeling isn’t necessarily accurate, and it definitely doesn’t inspire trust in their abilities (in other words, potential buyers who read their posts will definitely choose someone else). That’s why it’s worth noting that posting like that won’t bring them sales, it will make them look unable to read and understand what they’ve read, and therefore, probably unable to follow even the most basic instructions.


That is a big mistake indeed, and I got to agree with you on that point.

Point noted.


Thank you for sharing !!


I have never thought of it that way but you make an excellent point! Will definitely start paying more attention to the mistakes of others.


Thanks for advice. That is useful.


Thanks for advice. That is useful.


Great tips for newbie. If any one can active in the forum long time he/she would get order as well as the impression will increase slightly i think .


Thank you for your advice.


This is such good advice! I hadn’t previously considered staying active on a forum, but I will definitely be doing that now. Thanks so much!


Thank you! I really do find it helpful. Don’t look at so much as others making mistakes, but of having gaps in their work.


Great tips here. I could remember vividly that I also got my fifth order from the forum. Ever since then, I have always try to be more active on the forum.