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How my friend got his first order in minutes


I don’t put my paw on the correlation between forum activity and number of orders. For the moment I see a sudden increase of “thank you for the useful tips” and “just achieved my nth whatever” posts.


Yes, you’re right. I don’t care about the correlation too but been active on the forum has been very helpful to me due to the loads of wonderful informations here.


Yes, you’re right. very best advice to improve the your mind & work…


If sellers are getting clients from the forum that’s great! If sellers are becoming better sellers from the forum that’s great too! Not sure I see a downside here? Thx for sharing.


This honestly seems like solid advice. I think using the forums shows that sellers are more committed to Fiverr in general.

Thanks for the thread!


Thanks for putting a smile on my face :rofl:


This really helps, and it actually makes sense. Thanks a bunch!:smiley:


Thanks a lot for posting a useful link for new seller. I m grateful to you.


An interesting take. I do believe that every available strategy that a seller has @ their disposal should be utilized and that’s why having this forum to bridge a number of ideas is so important. I too hope this will help others along the way. Thanks for posting.


Thank you so much for this wonderful advice… Am new here and i will start commenting on other post…


The downside is that people spam the forum with generic comments to try to get business.


Good tips! Thanks a lot !


Absolutely correct. I am 100% agree with your opinion.


Thank you for your post


Thank you for your input and advice


To be honest, I built my gig and unpaused it yesterday, and out of nothing I got a new order that is waiting to be completed… It didnt even take an hour, and I didn’t have any videos or exciting pictures yet… Oh the universe is a weird place.


Thank you for your advice


Your advice is worthwhile!!


Wow! Congrats.
Go Ahead @pedrodaher


I also think so…