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How my friend got his first order in minutes


Within one hour I get my first Order, its a very memorable moment for me, I think its my #logo design gig, or #tshirt design gig :grinning::+1:


True though, some seller even outsource job to sellers like them after checking on there profile and meet up with all qualities needed.


That’s a solid advice bro, im a photoshop editor, and video maker
I didn’t had any orders until now
I will do my best to get one
As you know always the beginning is harder


I shared my ratings that earned consecutively 5 stars , amount of orders, around 1000 people visited my gigs, but not a single order. :frowning:


Great advice in this thread, and I agree! Scrolling through the forums offers valuable insight also as to how you can position yourself in a competitive market.
Or we can figure out what clients might be looking for that aren’t offered yet.


Thank you and that’s so true! Low-competition is really valuable. I’ve found it helpful myself. I try to avoid making unique gigs that have few, if any competitors.


Great tips for newbie. I am also a newbie and i learned a lot form fiverr forum.


It’s a great think, thanks for sharing with us :clap:



So grateful…


For me having a great portfolio was the main thing.
Compile your work to show it to clients.
This will really help you get the first order very fast :slight_smile:


Great advice! I agree with you.


Thanks for the tips. I managed to get a few orders when I first started out, but after taking a few months away from Fiverr I am struggling to build up momentum again, so thank you for the advice.


This is very true i am going to start implementing this thank you


think this is great advice. I joined Fiverr a month ago and I haven’t had any orders until now. I didn’t know what I could do to get clients and I didn’t pay much attention to the forum. Now, I know I need to start using it not only to get gigs but also to learn what things I’m doing wrong. Thank you :wink:


This is universally true, even in other sites you can see that most active people have more requests and jobs from the community, even if their work isn’t the best
That applies even irl situations too!
Still, not many know that, as its not a “written rule”


Thanks, this is useful for somebody like me.


Ya,It’s important for me a New seller in fiverr. I’ll follow this advice from now.


Yes , it will help me future


Totally agree! I once asked a level 2 seller about how he managed to get so much orders. He told me that joining the Fiverr forum was the key to generating sales - and I didn’t fully believe in him, but I’m so happy that I gave it a shot. I’ve learned a whole lot more just by reading a few posts already, and I’m looking forward to learn more. This is such a great help to all the newbies in this site!


That’s so awesome. These kinds of posts keep my hopes and dreams up :slight_smile: