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How my friend got his first order in minutes


I’m start implementing this, thanks for the advise : )


Yes its very truth…


I started my fiverr account a month ago as graphic designer and video editor. I haven’t received my first order. I keep improving my gigs, their descriptions, package details, picture and learn from top sellers gigs.


Be patient bruh. Meanwhile, utilize the buyer request optimally and promote your gigs, that should help!

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thanks for your suggestion

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Thank you for the tips!
I haven’t thought of using the community forum in order to boost visibility.
Good one :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your tips

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Thank you so much for your advice. It’s really helpful.


Good tip. Thank you.

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I agree with both sides.
Being a relatively newbie, I know it is daunting and sometimes you actually might not have anything else to say other than a simple ‘thank you’.
But yeah I always believe that we should only post what is relevant and when it matters to us. We should not just post to forums simply for the sake of having any visibility. Be relevant. Post things when you have something meaningful to contribute, even if it is simply to thank someone for their insights :blush:


All right bro, Thank for your kind advice :slight_smile:

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Wow… Thanks for sharing such a valuable tip.


Thanks for your tips…

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Thank you for this post.

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I really struggle with this. I do want to have something relevant to say. But a simple ‘thank you’ for a posting is relevant for the person who needs to hear it. So, thank you for your observations!:blush:

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Thank you so much for your valuable advice :grinning:

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Correlation doesn’t equal causation, though. If you are savvy enough to engage people in a forum you may be savvy in business in general and that could explain why so many with the same situation get the same result.

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very nice words thanks

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What A Great Advice!!! 100% Useful…Great And Excellent Tips For Newbies

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