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How my friend got his first order in minutes

Thanks for the Tips.

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Thanks for contributing this vast knowledge with us @ronhi85

Thank you so much for your advice!

your friend is lucky

Nice tips sir really I like it

Thank you for the advice. I joined fiverr a month ago and couldn’t get any orders even after sending offers. I would follow you advice and I’ll be active on the forum.

Thanks for this great tip.

Oh this hurts me. If only I, an anti social hermit crab, knew how to socialize on a forum. *

Thanks for sharing this.

Thanks for this tip, I see this as a potential bonus rather than a way to actively promote your gigs.
The main benefit of the forum is for advise

good tip, this is my first day on fiverr. This gave me hope.

Thanks for your valuable advice

Dear thanks for your good advice :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for putting a smile on my face

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Thanks for your tips…
Im also waiting for my first order…


thanks a lot …this is very useful and great tips …i should try this

This very helpful for me. Thanks

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Yes very helpfull but waiting is on peak for first order