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How my Gig had been handpicked by Fiverr’s Editorial Team in the first day


As a new seller I took some time to go through the catalog to learn from experienced sellers but not 100.000 sellers out there. I learn from biggest studios around the world.
I dont want to say about the good or bad design because it’s depend on your style and that’s personality. But the most important different thing between studios and normal freelancers is SHOWCASE!

  1. Show the real shit if it’s exist. Almost sellers show designs in very cheap and free 3D mockup but my recommendation is show the real things if you did it. If it’s concept, find the good mockup or do it yourself. Show people that your work is worth to buy.

  2. It should be simple. Take a look to the biggest design studio all around the world such as Pentagram, Studio Feixen… they all do the best show case ever with clean and simple composition…

Fiverr does take a look to your every single Gig, Not a robot does. So show them the pro look for the first sight.

What’s happen when hanpicked by Fiverr Team? Thousand impressions, hundred clicks, some custom order immediately. Your gig will be in the first site on the category that it’s in with the Rising Talent Mark.
You can see what’s Rising Talent here

Good luck!
Have a nice day!


Luck. It plays a role.