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How my gig on top always?

Hello I am hasib from Bangladesh always looking for some great opportunity to work at Fiverr. My account is too much old and i was not worked at fiverr as well. but after completed my Design course I try to work on Fiverr with design related service. Successfully completed 5 projects also but now i suffer lot. My gig vies is not good or I am not getting orders from buyers. I am so afraid about this.
Last to thing i have a plan to make some very nice video for order. I work heard on keywords and content also. try to setup some very nice image also but my gig is not ranked.

I need a very good help about my gig and increased sales. hope get some very useful reply.

thanks in Advance .



Your description is great and will catch buyers attention. The first image of your most buyed gig isn’t eye-catching. It’s a screenshot from a web browser and it’s too small to be seen on the small gig image preview: 2018-06-06_13h34_46

Using the third GIG image will catch more buyers attention because it’s better detailed:


Other GIG images are eye-catching. Only can be improved is adding a video! Buyers really love watching videos rather only images!

You will need to find out how to and where to promote. You can use the Buyer Requests section to search for work and find a client. When you reach level one, (it’s given when you complete 10 orders and have more than %100 response rate) the orders will become more often. Once a week maybe. And once you reach level two, you will have not a day without work! :slight_smile: But there are always exceptions.

A tip: never put it at low cost. Buyers think that you can’t do it well and that’s why you have low cost. This may help. You can just increase the cost to the maximum you think it will be good. After my start, I had not much work and I decided to increase from $5.00 - $25.00 to $20.00 - $60.00. I got even more orders! See! Buyers like to see high prices!

I think your prices can be a little bit higher. Let’s see what Dicobot thinks (he is a bot and doesn’t really know what happens, sends a random reply), — @discobot fortune — :wink:

Congrats and best wishes!

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:crystal_ball: Most likely

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thank you very much for your reply. Last night after real your tips i will increase my gig rate and now i get another order with high price. and your point is perfect for my gig. It;s help me lot for increase my sale.

thanks a lot

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