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How My Gig Ranking in fiverr in proper ways and knowledge

Hell I’m shakil Khan . I’m new in fiverr but already I work In fiverr with 5 star reviews and rating but I want to do in my another gig is show be top ranking so what i do please suggest all of other and top seller…
and also I’m active in 24 hours…in fiverr so please suggest me…

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


Promote your gigs on social medias. And try to optimize your gig


I’ve been marketing in social medias But such feedback is not coming . SO what I do now…Is there any other method? please tell me


Please stop sharing generic advice that never works for anyone. Not even for you.


Create SEO friendly gig

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GIG is already created

Did you SEO on your gig?

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I dont know .How do I know if my gig is SEO? please any ways to tell me and suggest to me

Create SEO friendly Gig. Pick best keyword.
And promote your gig social media platform.