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How My Gig Saves You Money

(If at any point you decide to stop reading, or not to use my service, let me know in the comments why. Thanks!)
Almost any tabular data can be used to run statistics on.
These statistics can be used to represent status, find patterns and get future predictions.

I felt that the 1,200 character limitation just doesn't give enough room to explain why my gig is good for you.
So I hope this helps out.
You can find my hourly data analyzing and report building service gig by clicking here

  1. You Get What You Paid For - You pay by the hour. Is 5$ fair for 1 hour of work? Indeed it is!

  2. No Hidden Charges - In a 5$ world there are two ways to charge for revisions:
    • Offer less for the 5$ and have the revisions included in the basic charge

    • Offer the revision as an extra.

    Often revisions are just not necessary - you have taken the time to research what you need, so why should you pay for revisions that you do not need? You control pay for revisions!

  3. You Have Time! - You paid for a full hour of credit, never mind if now or in a month. You can have work done, have conclusions, make changes, and after a month get those changes re-analyzed. The credit is valid for 6 months.

  4. You are Always Top Priority - Ordered the "extra fast" deal? No matter if you come back in two month, for that gig, you are the top priority, you get bounced to the front.

  5. Enjoy the Extras! - If you have a large project, you can purchase the extras which offer 33% and 43% off!

  6. Credit Reports - At the end of each job, you'll get a report of how much time the job has taken (incl. breakdowns for full transparency) and how much credit you have left for your next job.
  7. Pay at the End! - Don't know how much time you need for the project? No problem, I'll help you utilize your money's worth by paying only after the job is done, knowing how long the work has taken. You only put 1 basic gig upfront so I know you're serious ;)
  8. Money-Back Guarantee! - Don't like the outcome? Are there any mistakes? No problem, you'll get full refund for that jobs' duration - either in cash or in work credit.

What do you think of my gig? Let me know in the comments :)

Please note that stuff might change in the future, so be sure to ask before ordering :)
Thanks for reading!

So, I need a little opinions.

I know that you don’t get buyers overnight, but if you went into my gig’s page and left quickly, I’d like to know why was that? Was it confusing? Is it not fair in your option? Are you simply not in need of such a service?

Let me know :slight_smile: