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How my gig show in top ,when somebody search 3D design


How can i improve my gig ,so that my cad design come in top searches result.


You cannot.
Making your GiG appear at the top on the first page is currently impossible for you as a new seller with less than 10 orders. But don’t give up. Using Buyers Requests will surely get your ball rolling in fiverr.


Usually buyers are searching with key word to search best gig for there work. So it is very important your tag words selection. Think If you want a 3D design what type of words you type in the google. Just as same use the best tag for your gig.


Now after so much workhard
my all gigs come in top of page, also now i become first seller.

i always learn from mistakes.


Am new on fiverr what can I do to get my first order?


I think we have to wait until our time has come to start making some earnings.


Its not upto you , Fiverr review team adds your gig to features and top rows if they like what you are offering.


I think it’s up to customer rating