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How new comers can compete Top rated sellers when [ACTIVE THREAD - Duplicates will be removed]


I was wondering about a question if some people with better understanding could share their views

As Top rated sellers get featured and they continue getting orders, doesn’t it keeps them having featured for ever

So how would a new comer would achieve having it as when he makes 10 sales top rated make 100 when he would make 100, top rated would make 500, so feature will still remain to them while new comer will always be new and left out of this option ? Though i didnt ask this question to make any top rated seller feel bad, i wish them more success, its just a technical question

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I have never been a featured seller even though I am a top rated seller.
We were all newcomers at one time. Everyone starts out the same here. We put in the time and effort, just as you can if you choose to.

Newcomers are getting featured as well. I have seen featured gigs with only 4 reviews :wink: .

Really, thats good thanks

I am new here. Please how do i stand out?

Reply to @fidelv: Please do not post duplicate questions in different threads. You asked this already on the “Super Sellers” thread. Also, if you spend some real time reading the forum you will find answers to this question that have already been posted.

Reply to @annai80:

But how long time the newcomers been featured? I been here a month and got two sales only!