How new is this? (Buyer requests more changes it'll cost more.)


This is a preventive step from buyers requesting more work from sellers and if the seller won’t comply, a negative review will follow.

Are you happy about this?[poll type=regular public=true]

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My "revisions" nightmare may be over!
Requirements undertaking! A great initiative from Fiverr
I have ever noticed this

I don’t think it is a great idea to be honest. It is wide open to abuse by sellers, which usually means it will be abused by some sellers.
Frankly I think it is a bit too much “hand-holding” by Fiverr, sellers need to handle some of their business’s problems themselves. We can already contact customer support if a buyer is being unfair. Aside from that, dealing with unreasonable customers is something a 16 year old McDonalds employee has to learn to handle in his first week - if people expect to grow their own business then surely it isnt too much to ask that they learn to handle this too.


Am I wrong to think majority of your transactions are smooth, majority of your buyers are great or at least fair?

Edit: Let’s be honest, this was designed for the few bad apples.

Let’s say a buyer ask for change, you charge them - reminding them of this disclosure.

  • Will the buyer be happy and give you 5 star review and a tip?

  • Will the buyer give you a 1 to 3 star review or ask for a refund? :frowning::frowning::frowning:


Out of 700+ orders of mine, I reckon I had less than 20 where I felt the buyer was being unreasonable and probably 2-3 where I felt they were beyond my responsibility to manage. With those I contacted customer support who dealt with them. I agree with what I think your main point is, that this is an offputting statement that is more likely to upset good buyers than effectively deal with bad ones.

Edit: I am actually considering putting in a disclaimer about the tick box but not sure how to word it. It annoys me that buyers I have dealt with and built an excellent rapport with for a year are getting this message when they order from me.


I added a similar disclaimer to my buyer requirements a few month ago and it was a good call for my gigs.
I no longer get unreasonable modification requests, which technically required a gig extra or even a new gig.
I personally like it.


I agree about the hand-holding part, Fiverr sellers style themselves as business people and that is a key component. I think the concept was well-meaning but ultimately just a band-aid for sellers who do not apply due diligence in the first place. As @annai80 stated; it is something that needs to be communicated to sellers. Personally I have written it into my template response when getting an order, stating the purpose of revisions and what the customers obligations are (you advise changes required to get the job to the standard you require) and as such the maximum amount of revisions i will offer is 2, 1 for the changes and 1 for the rare occurrence that my interpretation was incorrect (or the customers).


That’s the most common concern - charging for additional updates and the buyer using the review system to force you into doing the extra work. (I honestly think that’s the driving force behind this new addition.)

(In bolder tone: ABUSE)

I agree with you.

@annai80 Why can’t we add a disclaimer message on our own (If we wish?)

I think the poll is in favor of this new feature…


Perhaps it comes down to the type of gigs that we offer. Different approaches suit different gigs better.
Thinking logically, for gigs like V/O where (I’m assuming) a revision or even a small addition means a complete do over which needs to be paid for. In proofreading or even translation, the client adding 100 words to a large order is a couple of minutes of work which I would not dream of charging extra for.
I’m not against sellers having this for themselves, just the blanket mandatory requirement (particularly without notifying sellers about it).


I agree it should be something considered a “Best Practice”, maybe get topics such as this and others included in Fiverr Academy?

At the end of the day it should be something taught to new sellers (optional of course) as a means by which they can save themselves more than a little grief (i.e. promising unlimited revisions CAN and most likely WILL bite them)


I bet this new initiative wasn’t intended for a service such as voice overs. And if it was, why doesn’t Fiverr offer a different message depending on which category you’re in?!

Just like you stated, adding a 100 words won’t make a difference but re-doing a voiceover will do.

Truthfully, if we had the option of “opt in” or “opt out” just like the ‘Live portfolio on/off’ that would enable those who want it to have it and those who don’t want to have it off.

I’m suspecting the root cause of this was because of a influx of deleted reviews/orders because buyers requested much more than what was initially agreed upon.


You have no idea how mad this makes me.

I’m being really serious here, this ticks me off so much. I feel like this is creating a mistrust between me and all my sellers. :rage:

Why would all my regular sellers have a need to make me check off such a demeaning statement? Granted, it’s not their doing, but still.

I read this as my sellers saying, “I don’t trust you, Gina. I think you’re going to lie, cheat and steal from me.”

How does this make me feel good or even make me feel valued as a buyer. 5r just slapped me across the face and basically said, “We don’t give a **** about buyers. You all can go to ****!”

Uggg!!! :rage: :rage:


I can definitely understand that!

My take:
From a buyer’s perspective I understand the frustration of clicking “that button.”

From a seller’s perspective, I’m in favor of something of this nature - but not demanding and only if we can word it ourselves. (Having the ability to add a personal “terms of sale” agreement.)


Wait… if this feature was designed mostly to prevent modification requests abuse and asking extra work over and over again, why do it this way? :unamused:

Why not actually make the included revisions feature do something? Instead of being just a visual cue, why not actually limit the buyer’s clicks on the mod.request button?

If I set 3 revisions, then on the 4th revision request the buyer should be shown a message like “Your order includes only 3 free revisions. Do you agree to pay X for this 4th revision?” - now this will definitely stop the abuse!

So, why set a revision limit on your gig if buyers can still click that button as many times as they want? It makes no sense.




I don’t have too many tough clients, as they get weeded out by me after the first order or two. (I’m ultra loyal to my great clients, the vast majority of mine…)

I’m super happy to see that there. I haven’t lost any regular clients, and I’m still getting plenty of new ones.

As you state, it probably category related. In VO some one word change requires half the work of a 100 word change. Worse, people want to play director and say, “can you say “hello” with more smile” or something similar. (Fine if they pay a token amount -OR- specify something specific before I record.)

Rather then assume someone who has done thousands has a decent idea of the details, they make requests like it’s a $500 gig when it’s $10. (I’m happy to assist those clients who are paying for what they request…)

Again, for me I’m happy to see it. My buyers already know the kind of service and flexibility I provide, so they aren’t taking it personal. They know there are buyers abusing the system.

I respect those who don’t like it, but in my category we regularly get people who think “just changing a couple words” should be a free update, even if we say “NO revisions” or something similar.

Like all policies, they start because some buyers are abusing the system, but sorry for any negative impact on the ones without this issue. A big win for us.


Have you seen buyers complaining that the seller didn’t deliver as instructed (for example, they did deliver a logo, but it was blue instead of green, even though the buyer asked for green), and that they were forced to spend all of their allowed modifications on demanding that the seller does as instructed, instead of spending them on tweaking the results until it becomes perfect? Have you seen them complaining that those things shouldn’t even count as modifications, because the seller keeps doing the wrong thing?

Other than that, there are also empty deliveries (so that the clock stops). It’s a violation of ToS, I know, but the only way for a buyer to keep the order open and get what they ordered is to request modification.

I think that’s why Fiverr allows buyers to keep clicking on the modification button.



True, but for some reason, I’ve seen more sellers complaining about the button being abused than buyers… it might even depend on the niche (I see how your point applies to niches such as graphic design, writing, etc).

In my case, for example, where I make reports, I’ve had less than 10 genuine modification requests in 7 years where I’ve made a mistake or forgot to do something.

But in that same timeframe I’ve had literally hundreds of misuses of the modification requests feature:

  • buyers just asking questions not pertaining to my work by using that button
  • buyers conversing with me by using that button instead of simply writing messages!
  • buyers thanking me for the delivery by using that darn button?! come on!
  • threatening buyers who kept abusing it 'cause they wouldn’t accept to cancel since their requests were not in line with my service
  • buyers asking for stuff that wasn’t advertised in my gig description without agreeing to pay more
  • etc., etc.

You speak about sellers who don't deliver as instructed - agreed. **What if only sellers with proven records and plenty of sales would be allowed to actually limit the use of that button?** Like Level 2 & TRS, for example.

This way, buyers will be able to use that button as many times as needed with newbie sellers who are prone to making such mistakes.

P.S. or why not put a second button for “Seller made a mistake”, and the order will be reopened :smiley: and if a second button isn’t desired, then maybe show the buyer a form with options to choose from when requesting a modification, stating what kind of modification it is.


This will then become the de facto Revision button. Imagine the wave of sellers’ complaints on here, rightful or not, about how that button is abused.

I for one would like to stay flexible with my revisions. There are cases where I don’t feel like counting a revision towards the ones I offer for free.


Then maybe Fiverr should show the buyer a form with options to choose from when requesting a modification, stating what kind of modification it is (i.e. “seller made a mistake” which won’t count as a revision, “request a new revision” which would count as one, etc.)

Just like with cancellations, modification requests should be categorized as well since there are so many uses & misuses of this feature.

Why put all uses & misuses in one button with no choices to differentiate them? :frowning:


I totally agree Eoin, it makes more sense for some gigs but not others. My guess is, Fiverr is missing out on some of those modifcation requests. Especially if some of those would require a new order. Maybe they have seen a spike in tickets regarding the issue and came up with the idea.

I am sorry to hear this. I personally think if you are a good buyer and have already established a good and honest relationship with your sellers that particular box won’t have an impact on you. Just my 5 cents ;).