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How New Seller Get First Order Quickly

 Hey My Name Is  Soman Mia from Bangladesh .I Am New Seller On Fiverr .My Journey Started In March.I am Digital Marketer,Specially Facebook,Google ,E-mail And Other Social Media Marketing.I Gave Five Gigs On The Fiverr,Like Facebook 2 Gigs E-mail 1 gig ,Google 1 and Twitter 1 Gig.My Three Gigs Are Always On The First Page But Why Can't ,I get An Order.If Someone Would Please Tell Me The Reason For Not Getting My First Order Then I Would Have Benefited A Lot  .Thank You Soman Mia  ,

Because you don’t have a link to your gig, check your gig picture. Make sure it looks professional and stands out from the rest. In addition, use your buyer requests and try to use all 7 gigs.

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Do gig marketing properly

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I’m also new here but I know this. From my experience, I want to say you set keyword on your gig and do SEO.

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At first I suggest you to keep patience and develop your skills, I hope you will get orders one day.

Thank you for your comments and I will send buyer request Every day at least 5 or 6. Now this time i send buyer request 200+ but replay only 9.

There are some great tips here. You can check it out for further help :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want help you just need to create your own new topic.