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How not to be affected by canceled orders?

@marsarts In your order requirements you can say this:

  1. You understand I will not manipulate or change, …

  2. You agree to provide documents that you have the right to change under the copyright laws…

  3. You agree…

Then make the answers mandatory to check off in order to place an order.

(Check box goes here) Yes I agree to the terms above…
(Check box goes here) Yes I will only submit documents I have the rights to change…

I am not sure of your wording but the idea is you spell out the rules and make them agree to it to move forward to place an order. This way if something happens at least you have a case to bring to CS because the buyer agreed to your terms. It also turns away potential buyers who fear they may be found out etc.

As a voice over gig, I was so tired of providing a total re- read or “free revisions” of the script just so the buyer has two files to present to their client. This became obvious to me after time and time again I would get a revision request that says, can you give me a read with more energy or less energy or whatever it is. The idea that I will give a revision as a FREE read was something I needed to be very clear is NOT CORRECT.

So before I made these BUYER agreements mandatory, I asked customer service if this was ok and they said and I paraphrase,”of course”

Buyers now have to agree that they understand that I provide one read and revisions are for small errors on my part. And that once a buyer purchases a gig I will send several samples of the script so their team can approve the tone before the final recording and they need to be available during the first 24 hours for this process.

Since then, I have not had to submit total re-reads of the script. Done! Those who will take advantage read those rules and either change their ways or go somewhere else and that’s ok with me. It makes more time for great buyers.

I also give them an easy way to order with a list of check boxes of tones and timing.

To say the least, it has been wonderful.

Reach out if you want more details. I have screen shots I can send to show you what I did.


Such a great and practical instructions… Much appreciated! Thank you!

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Oh, really… I didn’t know it… Thanks!

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This. Is. GENIUS!!!


list of check boxes of tones and timing

Would you mind sending me a screenshot of those check boxes? I’ve been thinking about doing something similar but I’m unsure on how to structure it.

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Hi Marsats-

Someone else asked me for screenshots so I thought I would send these to you too.
I hope this helps! Of course all of these requirements are here because I had an experience that moved me to fix the problem!!!

There are why I have my 4 requirements:

1.Word or PDF file so I can get the word count. JPGs will not work!
2.Asking about timed audio and giving them an easy way to select the time from a check  check box list. They can choose more than one so if they need 2 minutes and :30 seconds
3.Selecting the tone of the narration. I have had people say nothing or not give any direction. They have the option to select multiple check boxes.
4.Then finally the agreement at the bottom. I make the check boxes mandatory to check both.

I promise you that Customer Support will cancel these on your behalf AND investigate the buyer for illegal or TOS-violating behavior.

Holy moly, as someone who’s been selling VOs on Fiverr for over 3 years I wish I’d come up with a requirements section like this ages ago! It’s brilliant. I promise I won’t steal this from you, but I may tweak some of my requirements to get more specific info out of my clients.

Do you ever run into any issues with people selecting too many “tones” for their order? I’ve had a couple clients in the past say, “we want it flirty, but serious, but also corporate, but very laid back, but please make it sound authoritative” :upside_down_face:


That is so funny about clicking too many tones! My sister and I joke constantly about people saying ‘I want you to be flirty but serious, strong but delicate’ LOL

So far people have been generally wonderful with the requirements. I made sure the reading was a bit simple in case English is someone’s second language.

I also have a cut and paste I use when I am sending an offer to a custom request. I’m not sure I copied and pasted into the forum thread but I will do that.


That’s another group of abuser.

In my design gigs I grant unlimited revisions, to make sure that they’ll get exactly what they mean to get, but then, after delivery is marked as complete, they ask the support to cancel with the argumentation “The seller is not able to do the job”.

If we could only see in the statistics how many times each buyer asked to cancel, they would slowly disappear from this platform, I guess…


Brilliant… Fiverr should offer it as a template…

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Never do that. Ever. You know why this happens? Because it attracts scammers.

If you don’t want scammers, don’t enable them. You offer unlimited revisions, then you have to do them and you have no grounds for rejection. Perfect scenario for a manipulator.

This also deflects professional, competent buyers. They wonder about the quality of people who do this and they know that true professionals would never offer it. Great prospects are suspicious of freelancers who undervalue themselves.


I don’t see this unconditional service as a sign of being unprofessional. It’s just how I like to be treated when I act as a buyer.

It isn’t about what you see. It’s about how you look in the eyes of both scammers and buyers. Perception is everything. You are getting scammed repeatedly. I’m telling you why.

And professionals are indeed suspicious of people who offer unlimited revisions because they know that it attracts scammers and they k ow professionals would make sure they avoid that.
Professionals also wonder why you can’t get the delivery right within the first couple of revisions. It makes you look like you don’t know what you’re doing and can’t take direction.


Sorry, but I still stick to the half full glass. The many good and repeating clients are my deserve, not the few scamers around.

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No idea what this means.

My glass is half-full, by the way. I’m practical and rational. That doesn’t mean I’m negative.

You’re going to keep getting the scammers you came here to complain about. Not sure why you’re seeking a resolution if you don’t want to change anything.

Rants are great, but the definition of insanity is to do the same thing repeatedly and expect a different result.


Unlimited revisions means that you can complete an order and then months later the buyer decides he wants more work on that order.

For free. Months later.

And if you don’t do it, they can complain to CS and CS will cancel the order altogether because you promised to be at their service for all eternity.

How can you think this is a good thing?

PS - I totally agree with being specially nice to special repeat clients. I do the same. But this “offer” is for everyone.


You miss the bottom line. It’s not about the scammers. They will always find new ways to abuse the system and I will always keep canceling gigs that don’t match my values. It’s about the unfair politic of Fiverr in this matter. I’ll better use the requirements that were described here above as mandatory for accepting an order than changing the rules that keep my clients loyal to my services.

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I can cancel and block anyone who does. That’s the best filter on this platform.

It isn’t an unfair politic.

You have in your contract that people are entitled to “unlimited revisions” therefore the buyer is entitled to unlimited revisions. It is an absolute, not a grey area. You don’t get to retroactively redefine what that means per client.

If it’s in your contract, you have to do it. And the consequence of you not doing it is that you don’t get to keep your money. That’s why, as @zerlina84 explained, it’s a very bad idea.

Fiverr isn’t being unfair by upholding the contract that you yourself made. You could change this situation.


What he has described as unfair is cancelling orders for no fault of his own. Nowhere, in the entire thread, has he mentioned revisions or cancelled orders due to buyers abusing unlimited revisions, so while I agree offering unlimited revisions is not the best idea that doesn’t seem to factor in his scenario or business, moreover he has politely declined your advice three times. Maybe it’s time to let it rest and stick to the original post and/or moving on to a different thread?