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How NOT to get Ripped Off - Due Diligence


Some gigs seem way too good to be true, and if that’s the case, do your due diligence before ordering. Just because someone has a 100% feedback rating and/or they’re a Top Rated Seller, doesn’t mean you’ll be happy with your order.

For instance, if someone says they’ll advertise you on their social media page, find out the name of it and google it. Go through their past posts and see if people actually engage in discussions. If they barely get likes on their posts, its not worth your $5.

Some people have high feedback rating because most of the buyers are naive, and if you tell them you did something, they believe it and give a “thumbs up”.

I rarely order gigs that can’t be proved as actually delivered, but I recently bought two gigs from a seller who was suppose to send my song to a large list of hip-hop djs and radio stations.

When the seller delivered the gigs, i was sent the email list of where it was supposedly sent to. Was my song really sent? Who knows. The average person would’ve been happy to have the list and immediately mark it as complete. Im not the average buyer. I went through the email list and did my due diligence. After doing some reseach, i found out that most of the email addresses were for rock, gospel, and country music. I was heated. My song was definitely inappropriate for these genres. I immediately requested a cancellation. The seller said “sorry about this” and cancelled both orders. If the gig wasnt a scam and was just an honest mistake, wouldn’t the seller have offered to correct the problem instead of cancelling? Those are just my thoughts. I refuse to waste a dime on anything that has no benefits nor value to me, my business, or career.

So, before & after a gig purchase, do your homework. Don’t get ripped off!


Good suggestions.

This is wonderful forum for sharing and caring each other.

Sheriff’s Note: Promote your gigs under “My Fiverr Gigs”.


I had some experience with a few gigs on fiverr in social marketing niche where sellers deliver only a screenshot…But later I found that all this stuff from tribepro is total crap…They say your link was shared xxxx times. But when I found a tool to check this out, it will show only a few shairs!!! if nothing at all…And yes this tool works perfect to find all popular social signals to your link…

A few days ago I have tried a photoshop gig and the seller was driving me crazy)) It was very simple work to do but the guy just decide to do what he want to do, not me)) Finally after two hours I’ve got what I need, but my feeling was like “What in the hell is going on here?”))

Some homework before a gig purchase is definetely needed…The only bad thing is it takes your time…


Reply to @rambo35: Yeah, that’s true. You either take the time to investigate, or order some bull, then have to find another seller to do it right. So there’s gonna be some time wasted either way. Most of those social media gigs are crap, so I don’t even waste time with them. Sometimes if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourselft. But doing it manually usually have a higher reward.