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How not to get sales on fiverr


Its interesting when you hear testimonies of sellers on fiverr and you say to your self " i think i can do this…" and so you quickly signup, create your gigs and wait for your first order. You wait a few minutes to get your first order… it turns to hours and days and weeks and you begin to wonder where you went wrong. Here is where you probably went wrong…

  1. Incomplete profile description
  2. Gig description not detailed
  3. Charging too much
  4. Slow response time
  5. Not shearing your gigs
  6. not participating in the fiverr community
  7. Not seeking help in fiverr forum
  8. Not creating as many gigs as possible



Interesting… You have no reviews and teach others how to sell gigs on Fiverr!


You left out having a gig no one is interested in buying.


That’s another tip on how NOT to sell. :wink: He’s true to the title!


You guys are ‘Vicious’…but true…btw thats a great show on PBS…saw another post by someone w/o any sales showing how to get on top of Fiverr searches.


:slight_smile: Yeah… just getting the hang of it… learning everyday. thanks


True… Just not sure how to handle that yet… thanks


after signup Fiverr , you should read first Fiverr Rules(Privacy and Policy)…
Complete Your profile 100% .
Use Search Filter for Search service those are in your mind…and read description and title,Tag,Category clearly…

after 1 or 3 days , then you will may create a gig… with Matching Title,description,tag,category…add a nice , lovely related Photo…then publish it

after publishing your gig, now you see page viewer …

Beside this you will do check Buyer request and send minimum 3-5 request per day… and 35-40 a week and monthly 100…

then i think you will get your 1st order from 100 request////


You reverse engineered this very well!


Thanks for the share


thanks a lot …


very astute advice. thank you


Thank You for useful tip! I will apply all.


did it and it work within 24hours… thanks


I will design 2 Professional business logo in 6 hours


Do you tank people even read the advice?


Good tip, I liked.
I will try to improve more and more.


I have been also been on fiverr for a good amount of time and i only have one sale???


Of course not. They want somebody else to read it for them. Just like the guy who wanted to know how not to get banned. Their next step is finding somebody who creates gigs for them, followed by…
… you know the rest, emmaki :slight_smile:


And the one sale you made is already illegal. You sell a illegal product key for a Microsoft Product and infringing their copyrights.
You better think of a legal way of earning money before MS of Fiverr will kick your butt.