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How not to receive order automatically


there are clients order something that is not like my description and want something a little bit more without asking me on chat. how to avoid something like that. if i have to cancel the order, will makes my rating down. please help.

How not to receive orders automatically

You could make it amply clear that you would appreciate it if prospective buyers could first contact you before placing an order with you.

However, Fiverr has been designed in such a way that buyers don’t necessarily have to contact you before placing an order with you. The only thing you can do is mention it in your gig description.

A lot of sellers are facing this issue. Buyers don’t read/understand what is mentioned in the gig description and hastily end up placing an order. Eventually, the order ends up getting cancelled (either by the buyer or by the seller due to their inability to deliver the order). In the process, it is the sellers who are affected (due to a drop in the order completion %).

Unfortunately, at this moment, there is nothing more a seller can do. I hope Fiverr comes up with a solution to this problem real soon. :snowflake:


i hope so. thanks for the answer


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