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How not to send a message to a seller

I wanted to rant about how some people send sellers messages. Please don’t send messages like these:

Hi misscrystal, how are you? I am hoping you can advise me on a problem i am facing

16:29February 25, 2018 Report
Hello, ok.

17:51February 25, 2018L

Hi again

06:40February 28, 2018 Report

Are you there

So that makes three messages this person has sent me to say nothing.
Each time I have to look at the new message and see that there is nothing there.

Hi, or Hi, are you there? is not a message anyone should ever send a seller.
In the first message say what you want. Don’t ask if you can ask a question.
Don’t ask if you can tell your problem. Go ahead and say it in the first message.

Don’t keep messaging a seller expecting them to be there instantly to have a chat with you. Most sellers aren’t here to chat anyway, we are here to respond to orders. So ask one or two questions, then place an order or leave the seller alone.

I know most here are sellers but I’m sure many of us get these pointless messages.


Gets under my skin when people do that. This isn’t a chatroom; just get to the point of why you’re speaking to me! :persevere:


I definitely resonate with this post.

My most common are:

  1. “Hi”
  2. “Busy?”
  3. “See attached” (simple image, explains nothing)
  4. “?” (yes some literally just send a question mark)
  5. (Sends 6 messages instantly instead of one condensed message and each only a single line)

I feel your pain, Miss Crystal, it’s a neverending saga of users thinking it’s a messenger for speed dating, a faux project or something. I shut it down quickly, don’t have :watch: time to entertain these timewasters.


OMG, I’ve gotten that too!

I guess it’s supposed to be a nudge or something but booooooy it really
gets on my nerves. I guess just because you can see the green little circle, people just think it’s like a chat room.

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Yep, all of the above. The most annoying may be the “?” one. I expect people to be at least a little bit professional. Just tell me what you need and I tell you if I can help then you order or don’t. It should be that simple.


Here is another one I got:

How are you today?
I am —, I have a task for you, I want to discuss with you about it.

I am waiting for your reply.


That was the whole message, without saying what he wanted.
I replied but never heard from him. What’s the point of sending a message like that?


My biggest pet peeve :confused: become so passive-aggressive when people send me only a question mark.
I usually say something like, “I don’t know what your query is. You have included nothing but a punctuation mark, absent any actual content to punctuate.”

It really gets under my skin!


It is amazing the lack of professionalism in some of the messages we receive. It’s amazing how many people don’t have good email etiquette.


The other day (I think after applying to BRs tho) all I got from someone was:
I know it’s best to get to the point but… It was sort of funny lol


A one word demand for a sample :slight_smile:

At first I had no idea what it was for so I was like ‘ok’ look down in my hands and nearly replied ‘coffee’ lol
I just sort of expect people to at least say hi but I might still be living in dreamland :smiley:


I hope that they would say more than ‘hi’.

For example, explain exactly what they need. :smiley_cat:


Someone who does that is not going to be a buyer anyway, so I wouldn’t waste my time with more than a one word reply.

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I agree but sometimes I feel like that’s asking for too much. :smiley:
I actually came to like it when they send through a file or whatever with all of the info in it (easier for me) but that’s rare so I just try to read people’s thoughts most of the time.


I got the order but I was dreading the buyer becoming ‘mute’ after it was sent through.
Sometimes I think I just like to challenge myself with the weird ones lol.

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Congratulations for getting the order! I’m amazed, good job!

EXACTLY. Some buyers are sending very short messages like 100 of them second after second like chat conversation and expecting fast replies too. :expressionless:

after some time I found a solution for it. do the same to buyer :smiley:

I got this today:

hi can i join u

-----Join me how? Are you looking to buy one of my gigs or do you want to partner for projects? I rarely partner, sometimes I refer people, sometimes they refer me.


I haven’t responded. I don’t know what this person wants and I don’t think he or she knows either.


It used to annoy me, but not anymore. I just reply the same way :slight_smile:
I can answer these on my phone and keep my response rate at 100% :smiley:

Buyer: hi
Me: Hi

Buyer: ?
Me: ?

Buyer: Can I ask you a question?
Me: Sure.

Buyer: Can I discuss something with you?
Me: Yep.

Seller: Do you need help? Can you give me orders?
Me: Nope.

After I collect the first response bonus points I can do whatever I want even block them. :slight_smile: