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How Not To Share Stock Images?

This is a less stupid question than it sounds, I promise!

I’m all in favour of Fiverr’s new friendship with Getty, and haven’t run into issues with it yet, but I do see a potential problem. Buyers sometimes request the original .psd or .ai files from me. If I provide them, surely the buyer then gets access to the stock image therein, right? And as Fiverr reminds me every time I go to deliver a gig, that’s against the rules.

Has anyone encountered this issue yet? Does anyone know who would be at fault if the buyer requested the original file and then ran off with the stock image?

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I just noticed that I had images and someone ordered it. Where do we get them?

I disabled this extra in all of my gigs as this made me loose a gig, I didn’t realize this was added automatically in my extras and a buyer bought it for no reason, I could not deliver the gig until I picked a stock image (which I did not need), so I sent this as attachment, then cancelled the gig saying the buyer I would send a custom offer, guess what, after I cancelled the gig the buyer blocked me and kept the video for free! (and I did all this to make him save 10 dollars) thank god I have disable this getty images stuff, I lost 40 dollars of, never again :slight_smile:

I have already disabled mine

Great Post luckygusty. This new change which fiverr has bought i think will not be good for buyers but sellers are getting 25% profit from this. What you say about this…

I think it’s confusing though, my buyer bought it because he simply thought the quality of the gig would be somehow better, but he didn’t know what it was and I didn’t need it for the gig, I think they shouldn’t have added this automatically, anyway as I said I disabled it

How about If I pick the same image for a buyer… the same as another seller and it will both appear on our portfolio ? What then ? :slight_smile:

Frankly i still didnt get that what this getty stock images is and whats the purpose of it

Stock images really help when you design anything from a presentation to WordPress theme. And, somewhere in between your client need a Mack truck or a girl with a folder/resume or a kid licking a lolly. Stock image helps a lot in that scenario. One place for all your images requirements.

Reply to @infinityplusone: If you look in the order, there should be a link to Getty. Clicking that will bring up a new window where you can search for and select an image.