How offers should be like to attract buyers?


I find that buyer requests is an excellent tool, however the buyers are often flooded

with seller requests. So you need to stand out. Here are my few tips:

  1. Don’t waste time on posts that have at least 20+ requests, it’s more than likely that the buyer has already decided.

  2. Provide a short informative response. Remember, this will be sent as a custom offer so provide what you will require from the buyer also.

  3. Price it well, most sellers will often match the buyer’s budget, however I would recommend reducing the quote to make it stand out more. You could then potentially make extra money through up selling on delivery.


I wouldn’t say that. There are plenty of buyers who wait 24hrs before they pick a seller. It’s not first come first serve situation and quite often the first 10+ offers are just crap.

I’d say price it based on what your service is worth. A lot of buyers don’t know what the service costs so they put lower budget, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to pay more for a great service.

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Indeed. I can confirm this from my own experience as a buyer posting project requests in BR. At least 99% of every seller offer rushing to be first to respond was utter and complete garbage. There are certainly good sellers among the bad in BR, but they are usually not among the first 10-20 seller responses.


Yes, I agree with what others said. 20 seller responses shouldn’t stop you.

I got a lot of deals from Buyers Request and I can’t remember any of them being during the first ones send. The most important thing is to respond to what the buyer is asking, not sending a template message. Really put effort into that response, and provide clear and professional details about what you can offer, why they should chose you and what is the price you ask.

People will choose the best, not the cheapest or the fastest. :grinning:

The fastest and the cheapest are usually the ones that start the response with “Hi dear, I want to work with great pleasure.”


I never pay attention to the Buyer’s budget. I have bid $20 on a BR with a $5 budget and my offer was accepted. :wink: