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How often can a buyer click the revision button?


I’m just asking out of curiosity and since I didn’t find a proper solution in the fiverr TOS and FAQs.
I know that you can set the number of revisions you accept when you create a gig. My very basic gig includes 1 revision right now, but I was wondering if anyone here knows what happens once a buyer clicks the revision button and gets his revision. Sometimes I have a feeling that the buyer can actually click the button multiple times, regardless of what is set in your settings. Is this just a personal feeling or can anyone here shed some light on this procedure.
Thanks and have a great Sunday. :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what’s possible - the number you give isn’t actually set as a limit, as there is nothing to physically stop the buyer from requesting multiple revisions. :slightly_smiling_face:


Though the number of times they can click on it isn’t limited by what you put in the number of revisions, my guess is there will be some sort of limit. Maybe the CS/the trust and safety team will check an order if a revision is requested more than certain number of times, if they’re not contacted by the seller. Someone said it had been pressed about 14 times I think so it’s got to be at least that. Maybe there’s a set limit that we don’t know of (like 99 or 32767 or 65535?).


Could one see in the source code from our side? Would be a fun one for “55 useless Fiverr facts to know”. I hope it may be an easter egg like 42 or 0104 or 0401 or at least 55555.


Only what you can see with “view source” on a browser. It won’t show what code gets run on the server side (Fiverr’s servers).


Yes, but what can we see? Hm, I´d have to order something and after delivery actually push the revision button or could I inspect it without pushing the button?


Yes, but what can we see?

Lots of javascript. Not the important code that runs server-side. I’m not sure if the max revision count would be limited by the max you could have in JavaScript (if it was, maybe it would be 9007199254740991 (MAX_SAFE_INTEGER) - but it might just be showing as text on the client side. My guess is it’s limited by whatever code is on the server side and what it’s written in (edit: If it’s written in Ruby on rails, maybe it will be limited to the max of one of the integer types for that eg. from 127 (TINY_INT) to 9223372036854775807 (BIGINT) unless specified otherwise elsewhere).


Thank you, then no use buying a gig just to find out, I guess, I might have looked for an Easter Gig of sorts else. :slight_smile:


Good question, appreciate the responses. Thanks for sharing!


Have you had a situation where you refused the second revision? I always try to be as diplomatic as possible, but sometimes it’s necessary to just cut the cord if you can’t please the buyer after multiple attempts.


The number of times they can press the mod button isn’t limited but I think after 30 days they can’t use it.


but I think after 30 days they can’t use it.

3 days after a normal delivery or delivery of a revision the order should get set to “complete” (as far as revisions are concerned) unless a revision is requested in that time, and after that (after the order is set to “complete”) the buyer can’t request a revision (at least using that button). The 30 days limit is for the reviews I think.


About a year ago I had a customer who was “abusing” the revision button and kept clicking it to get more work than agreed on. He even kept sending new files every time he requested a revision. That’s when I realized that most likely they can keep clicking as many times as they want. It took me over 6 weeks to get that order to the “completed” status. Fiverr back then even told me that there is nothing they can do against it as they can’t “force a customer to close and accept an order”. So I was just wondering if setting it to 0 revisions for the basic gig could sort of weed out the few that feel the need to buy for $5 and get work worth $50.