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How often do I change my search tags on gigs?

How often do I change my tags? I have been shuffling my tags every time my impressions, views and clicks are declining. Isn’t that STANDARD PRACTICE???
Couldn’t find an answer in the reading materials available on this topic.
Your valuable insights on this topics is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Constantly changing your “gig tags” does not guarantee more orders. Find the best keywords that describe your service, and leave them for a while. You can change them from time-to-time as needed, but it is ineffective to keep changing them when your impressions go down. Instead of worrying about impressions, you need to be marketing and promoting your services to the people who need them. What direct actions have you taken to reach out to your target customers, and convince them to hire you?


No, it isn’t.

There’s a myth that you should be editing your gig often, but that’s just superstition.


Maybe that’s something @coerdelion could tackle in a future video. I know Coerd was asking for content suggestions yesterday.

The regular editing rumour is one that comes up fairly frequently.


Lol! I’m taking notes … :spiral_notepad:


i think gig search tag is very important for a gig… you need to first select your gig best tag.

For me, tags should remain same from beginning. If you see dropping impressions for at least a week. After you compare the impressions with 1 week earlier. Then decide to change tags and wait for another week. But be aware that tags and title should match.

Once your gig is ranked never edit you gig. It will push your gig to downpages. If you really want to change your gig info and tags then delete that particular gig and create that gig again.