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How often do you change your gig images?


I updated all of my gig images yesterday (and all three gigs are still showing in the search results). How often do you change your gig images? Does updating a gig generally increase or decrease its ranking?

I’ve noticed that new tags/keywords can boost it. No other changes seem to effect it at all.

  • Never have
  • On occasion
  • Monthly

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An improvement, hopefully :slight_smile: (Old - New)


Sorry, @sydneymorgan, there was just no call for that situation to escalate after your friendly reaction. Fresh start! :slight_smile:


So…what happened?
All the comments are gone ㅇㅅㅇ


lol you were being too nice Mod

Back to the topic, I never change my gigs image since I was started. I am worried that by editing my gigs (descriptions, images, etc) will get me to lower rank


Thank you for deleting it, he totally confused me :smile:


You’ve inspired me to do just that - update my gig images!



(Spent considerable amount of time making my gig images)


I like the ones you have :slight_smile:

I finally got around to updating mine because some new sellers kept “borrowing” my old images. Hence why I put my username and profile image in the corner of each.


You might want to update that level 2 logo badge.

Lemme know if u need the svg or png for it, ill pm it to you. (for 5 dollas)


Thanks (that’s a bargain) :smile: My friend said the same thing, she sent me the .png but I haven’t gotten around to changing it yet. I’m afraid if I do another gig update, my gigs will get pulled from search. I’ll probably wait a few days to be safe.


Neeeeeeeever tried it before! :blush:


It never occurred to me to change my gig images. I am making sales and that is fine for me.


On occasion, I always try to improve my gigs. I just came back from taking months off (wish I wouldn’t have) so I’ve been working on my images to freshen things up a bit and next will be my descriptions that desperately need some love. :sweat:


[details=On occasion]Sometimes, though since I within just a few days stumbled over not 1 but 2 sellers using my former profile description now, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t leave them like they are forever, then at least the frauds can ‘only’ steal (and use, on fiverr as well as elsewhere) the images from x gigs x3 +profile images , instead of more.

Texts at least are halfways easy to Google, so at least you can see what’s up and have a chance to find people who do more than catch buyers with your texts but really pretend they are you and might harm your reputation, but images are so easily altered that you won’t find them unless used by the very stupidest frauds

I’m not happy with people using my texts or pics for their fake web identities.[/details]

I edited one gig a few days ago, 1 image plus some text edits in text and exchanged a tag too, it took quite long to reappear, 3 days or more maybe and not sure if the reappearance had to do with the gig while still not back in search got a ‘nudge’ by regulars asking for a custom offer on it in the meantime so I sent it out and had a job on it done, completed and reviewed while it wasn´t searchable; anyway, it´s back finally :slight_smile: position on first glance seems similar.


I think I should try , but not sure