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How often do you find yourself doing more than advertised?


I was just working on an order, and in the midst of doing my job I realized that I was doing more than advertised in my gigs - why would I do that? there are plenty of reasons:

  • to impress the buyer and get good feedback from him/her

  • as a reward for being a regular customer

  • because the buyer asked for more work and I don't want to get a negative feedback

  • because the buyer just doesn't understand English and gives me more info to work with, and no matter how I tell him/her to stick to the instructions he/she will still give more than I ask

So, am I doing something wrong here? Am I being too hard on myself? Because I find myself many times working more than initially advertised in my gigs... how about you guys? :)


Reply to @jeffmoses: Hmm, never thought of that… and I’m really thankful for your response, specially since now I know what happens after someone loses their TRS badge - although I am really sorry that this had to happen to you :frowning:


Unfortunately this is very true, I lost my Top Rated Seller status because of so many cancellations (none of which we my fault).

It is annoying but I have noticed no difference in sales what-so-ever so not sure how much credit buyers give to the seller status/levels.

They are more likely to look for 100% positive feedback and lots of positive comments under the gig :wink:


Reply to @jeffmoses: yes, totally agree, but from what I remember of my older conversations with the tech guys, a high number of cancellations will affect my rating and risk losing my TRS badge :frowning:

That’s why I end up doing more than advertised, to avoid cancellations… or am I missing something regarding cancellations and their impact on rating?



Just remember that it’s only a fiverr ? If your gig description details exactly what work will be done then I would not worry too much about the people who don’t bother reading :wink:

Quite often people ask for extras that sometimes have nothing at all to do with the original gig, to be harsh this is their fault and not the sellers so I would mutually cancel if they are being unreasonable.

All the best,



Reply to @Woofy31: I think being able to block some buyers would be a good feature as I do have some repeat offenders. Seems as well as not reading gig descriptions they also cat remember which gigs they have already ordered.

I have to say though that I do have many, many good buyers and return customers :slight_smile:

jeffmoses said: being able to block some buyers would be a good feature

Definitely, and I've suggested this feature before, but Fiverr never implemented it and I don't think they will :(