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How often do you have vanishing buyers?

I’ve got a couple absentee buyers. Even one who has been a regular customer, the night before I delivered he said in the morning would be fine for delivery and he would publish immediately. Hasn’t been seen for over a week, and article is not published… then there are those I don’t know, and its less surprising, but still I’m curious about these buyers who pay for something and never come back to pick it up.

Of course, I’ve read stories about them coming back months later and asking for revisions.

But really, how often do they ghost? how often do they come back, eventually?


same here, one of ghost vanished before 3months and yesterday come back and said can we continue now ? and said will send info , & and still vanish.

another one i completed the project and deliver, he said just 20 minutes, i’ll back now 45 day, he still didn’t

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Sometimes they do. I had a regular buyer placing over 50-60 orders over 1.5 years. Suddenly she disappeared, never heard from her again.

There are the ones who ask for a custom offer, shape the deal, we agree on the price, everything is tailored to them, when I send the offer - you guessed right, never hear from them again.

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I assume in the case of some buyers life happens so they put on hold checking their order. I have a regular who ordered 6 months ago something, the order is incomplete. I never saw her since.

Another ordered 2 weeks ago, was very responsive, but after I delivered he just disappeared.

I think that at one point they will come back to retrieve their files, but until then as long as you delivered everything should be ok.

It seems to me I have seen more of these kinds of buyers in the last two weeks. Two were in such a rush that they paid an extra rush fee and then the orders auto-completed. I wonder if it has something to do with it being summer and they are out enjoying the weather. :thinking:

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update: one just reappeared after a week vacation, published and ordered again, even with a significantly higher rate than last time, and has another one for me after he figures out the topic.

one down, two to go :sunglasses:

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