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How often do you receive positive reviews?


I’m still new on this platform. I’ve actually done quite ok in the first 12 days on fiverr, at least by my standards. It looks like I’ll be able to get to level 1 in under a month, so I’m happy with that.

I have a question about reviews. I had good reviews so for, while one person left none. I kindly ask for a review when I deliver and that’s it. I don’t message my costumers later if they don’t leave a review. So far I had 6 orders and received 5 positive reviews. My question is, how often do you get positive reviews? Or how often (in percentages) the buyer leaves no review?

I just want to make sure that it’s normal that I don’t receive a positive review every time.

Thanks for your help.

Some seller will leave no review. That is not counted as positive or negative. So don’t worry about them if you made your work

I don’t think there is a magic number or percentage. I get reviewed about 50% of the time.
I know it’s tough at first as every review counts, but as you do this a while you just accept that getting “no review” is a “good review”. If they didn’t like it, you’d hear about it.

You have to remember folks are busy. They hired you as a part of a project that they are still working on after you’re finished. They’re not-not leaving reviews on purpose, heck I’ve gotten reviewed up-to a year later. Usually after they download their stuff, they don’t even visit Fiverr until they need to order something else. They make their order, grab their stuff and go. This is evidenced by my getting an old review and then new order back-to-back from a repeat customer. (That actually happens a lot) And that’s ok, they still paid you. Reviews aren’t an obligation, nor should they be, really.

I guess what I’m saying, is don’t worry about not getting a review. It’s perfectly normal.
Just keep chugging, and they’ll come.

Reply to @dexblog: Yeah, I understand that this isn’t counted as positive or negative. I just wanted to know how often, in general, people leave positive reviews and how often none. Just so I can have a clearer picture of what is acceptable.

Reply to @liquidlettuce: Thanks for the lengthy comment. I knew that not getting a review every time is perfectly normal, I just didn’t know how often I should expect it. Like you said, I’m only starting out so every review is important for me. That’s why I over deliver to get people to review my gigs. So far this strategy worked nicely.