How often do you reword your gig titles, descriptions and gig extras?


I have to say that as my Fiverr gigs get specific orders, I change my titles, descriptions and gig extras around a lot to serve the market. I think @oldbittygrandma said it best a few weeks back that the market is always changing and we need to change with the demand. Makes sense to me.

I change my Fiverr gigs at least once or twice a week, sometimes more.

Will that hurt your Fiverr search rankings? Who knows? :bz


I have changed mine maybe three times. My biggest changes came after making Level 2. I was able to expand upon my original gig.


I think I’ve only done it twice…not sure about the rankings though.


Reply to @ceceliavo: I am not worried about the rankings when I have my forum friends :wink:




Initially when I started out I was constantly tweaking it. That is, to make it more clear, add keywords for popular request, ask the buyer to contact me first. Now, my gig works… I get orders and have an awesome set of repeat customers who keep me VERY busy. I’m afraid to change it. What if I don’t get any more orders?



Reply to @kim_talented: Good point. If it aint broke, don’t fix it.


I change my descriptions and stuff very very often, possibly 3 times a week


I used to do it A WHOLE LOT.

I used to do lots of testing.

However, sometimes my gigs are “locked down” in a sense by Fiverr because I don’t want to lose my keyword multiples.

anarchofighter said: keyword multiples.

What do you mean by keyword multiples?


I’ve changed mine maybe once I don;t like to play with it to much in case it messes up my rankings


Well one of my new gigs was under review most of today. It was finally released not too long ago. Edited the text to add ▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣ for spacing and its back under review! Oh well…guess I gotta wait half a day again and probably won’t ever edit that listing!


hmmm not tooo much some times:P


Around 3 times a month


Reply to @magisworks: Nice.


Reply to @onecreativegeek: Was that gig ever revoked by a moderator? I have only seen my gigs that were revoked by moderators take that long after editing it. Otherwise, my change is immediate with it being available to buyers.


Well at first, yes it was denied. I made changes listening to everything they said and it was approved. I edited it to add the spacers only, and now this morning it was denied again. They approved it, then denied it after only adding ▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣▣. That is pretty crazy. So twice now I have thought of everything to say, typed it out, denied. Waste of time. There is honestly nothing against the rules but I guess one mod thought it was ok while another did not. Oh well…one more attempt, then I will never edit that one again! :slight_smile:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: No I don’t think they got my gig denied…I think it was a case of me being too close to the edge with something inside my description. I must have been walking down a tight rope. I redid it this morning in completely different words and everything went through perfectly fine (with those spacers).

hotwebideas said:
anarchofighter said: keyword multiples.

What do you mean by keyword multiples?

When you set your keywords for the gig. I used to be able to say things like autoresponder email, email writing, email copywriting.

So you see, I got to use the keyword email three times. Now any occurrence of a duplicate word is an "error" and will not save.

I don't REALLY know if it helps or matters, but I wanted to keep those keyword phrases so I stopped changing the gig.

Happened to a friend of mine in the same space too.


Reply to @hotwebideas: You get faster “non-review” because of your level. He’s a Sheep. :slight_smile: