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How often do you update the description, photos and your gig extras?


Usually, I update my photos and descriptions on 2-3 months. What about you?


I’ll tweak mine every couple of weeks.

I have one gig that is my top performer, volume-wise, that I don’t touch. But the others will receive a little love periodically.


Same as me, just I tweak them on couple of months.


HI there, I am new here on fiver and want to sell my gig


Try this, it will help:


thank you brother, offline helper


Offline Helper is a sister perhaps, but definitely NOT a brother… :smirk:


That’s alright, I’m not any sort of chap!


Sorry dear I can not understood for thtas why mistake


If I feel that there’s a need I will definitely think about doing it. I’m starting out on this platform, so it’s all about trial and error.
One thing that I’m caring about these days is making a brand out of all all my e-book gig images- Anything a person needs to get done, with a symbol of Adobe InDesign with a thumbs up. That’s what I am including. I hope it stays for the long run!


I don’t think you are from Singapore.
And don’t be sticky.


I am from bangladesh brother


and I think there isn’t only one. (i.e: helper(s)) :stuck_out_tongue:


I can not change my country