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How often do you use quick replies?


I am just curious how often do you use the Quick Replies feature of Fiverr?
I think it’s one of the best communication options which helps me to save a lot of time. I have around 48 Quick Replies so far.

However I want to have the option to translate my own quick replies or my own gig, especially if I provide it in more languages, why leave it to the automatic translation?

Also I think that the Requirements Page can be improved a lot by adding conditions or the possibility to add gifs or images as guide to make it easier for buyers to provide the needed information.

I want to get different type of information based on the some conditions (package purchased, rather or not my client has an account, or if he has a Shopify Website I want to provide some instructions, if he has wordpress I’ll have other instructions).


I’m using them on a daily basis. The most useful one is for delivery, as it is quite time consuming to write such an important notice.

Once your figure out something professional that can fit every clients project, it just saves you a tremendous amount of time.

One thing I wish there was though is a way to personalize the {userid} part into something custom, such as, you know, their real name ? ( when given )


Every gig is permitted two PDFs. Many Sellers use these for extra samples, but another option that I’ve seen a few Sellers use is to utilize one or both as instructions or questionnaires to help instruct or guide potential buyers. In the requirements, you can state something like ‘please see PDF found as fourth gig image for more information regarding this step’.


I just replaced that with “Hello there” :laughing:

Thanks for the suggestion but it just wouldn’t work.

  1. The requirements questions are something which must be seen only by the buyer who placed an order. It’s part of my workflow and putting it as a PDF is basically like giving away a crucial milestone of my strategy and my working process. To not mention that many new sellers would steal my instructions/questions which I built with time and patience after dealing with many clients, to find the perfect way to rarely ask for further requirements.
  2. In those instructions, personal information would be mentioned

e.g. Add this email: xxx as a collaborator to your website

  1. My gig is showing final projects and results. I don’t like to show something related to “back-end”
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What is the ideal format to use on quick replies, can you give me a little example?

There is not such thing as an “ideal form”. It depends on:

  • Service you provide
  • Questions you have been asked in the past
  • Languages you speak
  • Type of professional language you use/prefer

I can literally write you a random quick reply example:
“How many words do you need to translate…”

How did this help you?

Well, not totally. From the example, it is really a mismatch, what if the buyer asks you how are you doing? lol :sweat_smile:

I have never used a quick reply and love to send everything bespoke to every buyer. It does take a ton of time but I just believe the responses feel more personal, and that’s what I want to deliver. Most of my jobs are high value, however, so doing every small thing possible to instill trust is important right from the first message.

Of course, I appreciate that the quick reply can be customized and still make a good impression but it just doesn’t cross my mind to be concerned about being ‘quick’ in responding to a buyer who wants to spend top dollar with me. :slight_smile: They deserve every second I can give them!

If I dealt with a larger volume of buyers though, the quick reply method may well be essential. I only communicate with perhaps 30-45 buyers a month.



That’s the point of Quick Replies. You apply them based on the circumstances… In fact I wrote in my post that I have around 50 of them for all kind of situations I encounter.
You didn’t mention for what situation you were asking a quick reply example.

Also no buyer has ever started a conversation with me, by asking me “How are you doing?” and if who writes it is a new seller, I’d just report it as spam.

I really like your reasoning! I agree with you 100%. I believe communication is on the top list of factors which may help you get an order.
I don’t use quick replies as first messages either. I just use them for cases like:

“What are the differences between your packages?”
“What do you need to start working?”
“What does … mean?”
“Can you show me your previous work?”

Or unwanted situations like: “Can I get a discount”, or work I am not able to do

P.S. I guess the usage of quick replies may depend on the type of services you offer.
I get maybe 5 messages a day with the same questions. It would be time consuming to write the same thing every time.

Makes sense now, Thank you @stefanyoshovski

I probably should use Quick Replies because it would save time, but I can’t get myself to emotionally do it, especially since I like to customize what I say to people.

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I use them regularly, an excellent time-saving option, that is. I have 21 quick replies.