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How often do you withdraw your money?

Hey guys! Just curious, for those of you who are making steady incomes here and have money becoming available almost every day, how long do you wait until you withdraw it? Does it make more sense to withdraw larger sums once or twice a month, or smaller sums more often? Does it make a difference in terms of fees or something?

Thanks, and happy new year!

Happy new year!

Whenever funds are available, I draw them immediately. Mostly out of habit, though I’ve come across a few instances on this forum of those who have had their accounts breached with funds inside. I’m wary naturally, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Plus, there isn’t too much of an advantage of leaving them in my account, as drawing them through Paypal doesn’t incur any fees no matter the amount. I hope this gives you some insight! Of course others might do things differently, but this is just my take.


Thanks for your reply! Yeah, I used to do it like that, but from some time now I wait a few days or until I get around 400 or 500 dollars, and was wondering if it makes any difference somehow…


I have the same procedure as you. I also think that’s the best way. Why not collect that huge some in your Local Bank Account?

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My office work payday is on the 25th, but for Fiverr I decided to go with my own rule and withdraw the money on the last day of the month.
There really isn’t a reason why, I just feel like it.

Now let’s say I had $585 dollars by the 31st, but if I wait for one more day, I’ll get $600. In that case, I wait for an additional day ( or two) just to get a “clean” number.
Not sure if this makes sense :sweat_smile:

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When it’s availbale, every 3 weeks, such a shame to wait so long time to get funds.

I’m the same! But if I have more money clearing a few days after then I will wait until then.

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