How often should you update your profile pic?


Hello Fiverr Family,

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Friday.

Quick Question: Does anyone know how often a person should update their Fiverr profile pic?
(I am not sure if it affects your rankings)

Thanks for your time.

  • Pastor Dre


Hi Pastor Dre,

In my opinion, as little as possible. It is kind of a logo by which people can recognize you.


I haven’t changed it in over 2 years. Unimportant mostly, also I agree with @newsmike


never changed, it’s my identity now.


I keep on changing mine almost every month. :smiley:
Don’t know why. I guess can’t stick with the same one. But I haven’t seen any visible change in orders by updating them.


hmmm not necessary to change it everytime.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: