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How on Increase GIG Impression and Views (Safe and Legal way)


So, as we know due to Christmas the overall business is affecting and views and impression on gigs are down that are hurting our Ranking.
Here are my few suggestions to increase GIG ranking and Increase both things.

1- Socially Share GIGs to Different Platform
2- Add GIG Badget to Website
3- Send Buyers Requests
4- Make Good Offers to Your Past Clients (to whom you worked or contacted)

Hope It will Increase Impressions and View on GIG

How can increase my Gig VIEWS and IMPRESSIONS?

4 is spamming, unless those clients contact you to ask for services.


In the past few buyers ask for service and they have issue with price and they do not buy your service, Now this is time to give them low or the price for which they want work
This is the point i want to say


You can try. Maybe it will work. And maybe they will report you for spamming.

Some sellers have tried that, and got their messaging disabled.



I could be wrong, but I thought it wasn’t spamming if you send a message to someone who you’ve already done business with in the past.

I’m going to double-check, but I thought I remember my success coach saying that IS allowed and doesn’t violate any TOS. That said, I appreciate you pointing it out so we can get clarity on it.


Then these people aren’t actually past buyers. If they haven’t purchased from you, then they are not past buyers, and you would be spamming people that have no interest in your services.

Spamming “buy my gigs” is a terrible “strategy”, that will, inevitably backfire on your, and could get your account blocked or removed.


Checking would be great! I remember that there was a seller who messaged his old buyers to inform them about new offers and special deals, and got his messaging disabled.


“past few buyers”, he’s using it as a euphemism to mean “my past experiences with potential buyers who expressed interest in my services”.


Just like @catwriter said, I agree it’s spamming.

@jamshed697, I hate it when sellers send me offers I didn’t ask for or need. Sending me a great offer for eBook cover design isn’t going to entice me to buy it if I don’t need it.

@lisabaarns, I don’t know if it’s considered spamming or not in terms of service - but I don’t like getting custom offers that I didn’t ask.

Although, it doesn’t happen often, it does happen and it’s really annoying.


I have checked and IF you’ve done business with them, it’s not spam if you send them messages.

I also guess people reporting you has to do with how the previous interaction went, and how many messages you send.

My gut also says it still makes sense to be appropriate with any message you send and only send every couple months or so.

If people are smart about it, they also say something like "I contact previous clients occasionally, if you never want to be contacted, just send me a “Stop” message and I won’t contact you.

As long as you’re respectful AND you did something with them, it makes sense to me, especially people who did something with you when you were new, and if you’ve grown substantially, some of those people are ripe for a reminder that you still exist.

(So many people get started on Fiverr, then six months later are not around for a variety of reasons.)


Thank you, I want to know is there any way to send message all the buyer together…


That sounds within reason


I don’t think there is a way to send to all, but I wouldn’t do that anyway.

I want my clients to know I am addressing them, not sending a generic message. Some marketing is worth being more personable.



That is very very sensible thing I really liked it
, but my way is bit different from this , I do not do spam, and most of my past contacted clietns (that do not did business due to cost or any other issue) order me in future just at the end I say them Feel Free if you have any Task in Future


I do not send messages to all, I send to people who have a little bit interest for work and also I do not copy paste messages.
Frequency of Message sent is 3-5 in one day


Hi There,
I didn’t understand point 2.
Gig Budget?


I believe he means “Gig Badge”. As in, on your own professional website, put up a little logo that might direct clients to your Fiverr gig. This offers even more of a chance of people coming to your gig.


Yes , it’s True n Thank you for sharing your info


Going back to past buyers smacks of desperation and would put me off in an instant. It doesn’t feel professional and would break quite a few Data Protection laws in the UK, at least.


The all of tricks nice but the 4 still on controversial here lol ! Rather, i used a tricks that was greeting exchange with my previous client and Special offers or greetings were exchanged who said to work with me again.