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How one review ruined Fiverr for me


Usually I post optimistic things here, but today after almost a month without orders (and I’m a level 2 seller) I can’t.

Until recently, I had 100% 5-star ratings on my gigs. Then, I got an order from a repeat buyer who had previously been great to work with. He requested something I couldn’t provide (an image I didn’t have and couldn’t find for free). I communicated the issue with the buyer and, when I didn’t hear back, I delivered the gig as best I could without the image, using a drawn graphic instead.

A couple of days later, I got my first 4-star rating.

I contacted the buyer and edited the gig further as best I could, but the review didn’t change and now, almost a month later, I’ve had no further orders.

It seems unfair that one less than perfect review dropped my standing so far, but I guess that’s how Fiverr’s algorithms work. Sellers beware.


I feel really bad for you regarding the review issue. I hate the star system and I don’t think it works well at all.

On a positive note, I know most Top Rated Sellers eventually get some reviews under 5 stars partly due to sheer volume. Many drop lower than 100% positive eventually. Still, most do recover in time, another order comes in and they get a 5 star review and things pick up. Try to look ahead as best you can and good luck as your username says!


You should have cancelled the gig at the start. I don’t think you would be penalized. I too had a 4 star gig, the first out of 800, it was perfectly good but I had a couple of upload issues. Buyers don’t realise the impact a lower star rating can have on the Seller. If the gig is a bit tricky then refuse to do it.


4 stars is very good! Even 3 stars is considered a positive review by Fiverr, which will only increase your gig’s position. Many have even 95% rating and every sixth review is 3-4 stars, yet get tons of orders. So don’t stress about it!

You just need more orders before your position increases, and then more and more orders start to occur as a result. And to get to that point, keep providing excellent service and make sure everyone is happy.

You should also promote your gigs elsewhere. Create your own site or a blog for them where you can discuss them in greater details, post the best reviews, examples etc. and link back to Fiverr. You can also do SEO and drive traffic to your site to boost sales further.


Hi folks,
A few quick thoughts.

  1. Telling @luckygutsy that she SHOULD have done X, Y, or Z unfortunately doesn’t really help at this point except make her feel worse.

  2. Yes, three or four-star reviews aren’t a death sentence, but they’re certainly not ideal for future sales or promotions.

Claire, if you’re reading this shoot me a message and let me know which gig it was so I can place an order. Everyone else, if you DO want to help her out, I suggest doing the same!


David, your idea is a good one. One way to help each other during hard times is to literally help when we see someone with good gigs and a good background get a no-good response from a harsh buyer. While I’m sure none of us advocate “fake” reviews and I know that isn’t what you meant, if we can help each other out at times with a real purchase and review, that can make a big difference. I’m behind the idea 100% and would love to know how I can help.

Maddie at “FontHaunt”


I agree with yoogle you should have cancelled the gig to get rid of the review, i only have 100% positive reivews so one review would ruin my rating, therefore I would rather cancel one gig (if it ever happens to me) and not make money other than having my ratings ruined :slight_smile:


Don’t worry about that it happens with everyone. Many people are experience low sales from the last months…some are having great time. I think you are getting too much in thoughts…Keep learning and try to share your gigs on facebook and twitter.


Wow! That’s very nice and thoughtful of you.

As a new seller on Fiverr, this is what I’m currently experiencing. Honestly, the 4 star rating is terrible one for any seller on fiver…