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How open attachment file

Hello everybody thanks, I am a new seller in the fiverr. Today I saw two buyer request with attachment files, tried to open those files but could not open. Some one can help me, how open those file. Please see the file name below:-

  1. attachment_d16cf79e0860e167cf6fc8340e2b4c2a
  2. attachment_fb8b391dc94a101900865c03e542a79e

Hi @cutoutback,

If this cases, you’ll need to manually add the extesion of the file for those you want to open.

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What kind of files were these supposed to be? Did your buyer say anything?

Hi maitasun,
Thanks for your advice. It is working.

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I don’t know file type.

You can ask the buyer what file were they trying to send and possibly try and reattach them. I mean, it can be anything.

You’re most welcome, @cutoutback.