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How or where can I add more examples of my work?

Most of My gigs are Artwork centric and I would like to display more examples of my work. I’ve been designing for 20 + years and though much of my work has fallen pray to computer crashes and other such disasters
I have nevertheless amassed a pretty large collection of pieces.

When I create a new gig I’m only allowed 3 images to be uploaded to my Gig. I have a few websites where I can host my stuff but I don’t think Fiverr will allow me to post URLs to any of those pages.

Is there some way to post more image to my fiverr gigs?

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There is not such type of portfolio on fiverr that you have to show your can only show 3 best sample of your work according to your gig service and after getting work on that gig it will show in you gig gallery.
its just like keep ordering and making your portfolio of fiverr gradually…

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Hey there!

You can also upload 2 PDF files with couple more of your samples. at the bottom of this page, you can see the list of allowed links which you can put in your gig description and showcase your best portfolio samples to potential clients.