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How Other Freelance Platforms Treat You


Here’s an e-mail I got from a competitor:

SUBJECT: You can still make it on PPH


We regretfully note you haven’t made your first sale on PeoplePerHour within your 3 month ‘free’ qualifying period.

Continued use of the site past this period is only open to Sellers who successfully win at least 2 pieces of work with positive reviews from Buyers. This is so we maintain the highest level of quality that our site is renowened for.

The good news is that if you’d like another shot at it you can extend your qualification for another 3 months starting from $14.95/month. Following that if you are successful you will remain in the marketplace for free.

See? Fiverr is the only game in town. If PPH thinks I will give them $14.95 until I make a sale, they don’t know me.

Hey PPH, you get paid when I get paid!


But they do reduce their 20% commission when you get more than $650 in sales (each month) :smiley:

So here is the thing. Other platforms have a higher standard than Fiverr yet here people lose their shit just because of a “revolutionary change” where they are asked to respond to messages within 24 hours, not cancel too often and to make most of their clients happy…
and people wonder why Fiverr is seen in a negative light by many industries.
Thankfully Fiverr has been working to change it though and it has definitely made huge strides in the past 12-18 months.


I see fiverr in a positive light by giving people a chance who may not have any credentials or might need a couple of months to polish their abilities and learn to give good customer service. They give those a chance who may not have any chances any place else. So fiverr is doing a worldwide service to those who would have no chance otherwise.

The seller in a third world country who is a genius at photoshop, but because he is self taught, and has never had any opportunity to work at a real job, here has the ability to earn real money and prove his worth, and nowhere else would he have that opportunity.


I agree with that concept and that it is great that Fiverr gives people a chance.
However, if people are given a free chance then they need to take it with both hands and not expect a free ride forever.


I’m sure many people do exactly that. This is much bigger than just having a lot of proven talent on a website. This is putting food on the tables and allowing parents to feed their kids who wouldn’t be able to any other way.

For this fiverr should get a Humanitarian of the World Award.


Yes they do, Fiverr is full of people who have done so


I have worked in other reputed marketplaces(uw ,free .com), but never could manage any penny from PPH :smiley:
I have sent a ticket on PPH support after I finished my Free 3-month free qualifying. They granted another 3.

btw I’m in CRP 4 in PPH without doing any project. PPH is a very cold place for me.


That’s nice, by how much do they reduce their commission? Either way, why should I pay them when they can’t guarantee results?

Sellers lose their shit because there’s money on the line. I had a buyer refused a refund because he wanted me to refund twice the amount he paid. He paid $10 and wanted $20, he was also angry about Fiverr fees buyers pay when they don’t have money in their balances.

Fiverr’s “revolutionary changes” don’t address that. Our order completion rate is affected even when the buyer orders by mistake.

Here on Fiverr, it’s always the seller’s fault, and even when you get used to the rules, they change them without even asking us!

It ain’t a question of whether Fiverr has the right to do it, but whether it’s the right thing to do. Companies that ignore their customers end up suffering. The NFL ignore the outcry over athletes kneeling during the national anthem, and now stadiums are sitting empty. Coca-Cola introduced New Coke in the 1970s and people screamed so much they had to come up with Classic Coke. Dolly Parton removed “Dixie” from “Dolly’s Dixie Stampede” and most southerners are angry about it.

Changes have to make sense, otherwise you end up like People Per Hour. Is that the future of Fiverr? I don’t know.


It sounds like a version of Craigslist where you pay to have your listing placed.


It goes down to 5%.

What would you say to a client that said that to you?


You don’t wanna know.


Right, but to be fair, on Craigslist there are ads that are free and ads that aren’t free, so the customer has a choice. PPH isn’t giving me a choice.

I tell my clients that I don’t guarantee results. Facebook ads are a crapshoot, most advertisers understand that. Companies spend millions advertising their products, they don’t always see results. Look at Hollywood, some movies that were thought brilliant never made enough to pay their production costs.

Remember the film Town & Country? "With a total budget of $105 million, the film grossed just over $10 million worldwide"

Compare that to A Nightmare on Elm Street 2. Production budget? $3,000,000. Gross recipes? $29,999,213 in 1985. Remember that in that year, $100 had the purchasing power of $222.36. So in today’s dollars, they spent $6 million and got back $60 million. Ironically, nightmare 2 is considered the worst movie in the series.

So you see, if Hollywood can’t guarantee results, why should I?


I get that - there has been a lot of people who have been unfairly judged by the stats. Many people reported being told by CS (before the evaluation) that certain cancellations would not affect them but it seems they have. I really hope Fiverr manages to fix that up at some point.

and why should PPH?


I’m not complaining. I think this is a great way of pushing sellers to being more careful with cancellations and with answering incoming inquiries - I get that. My issue is with the reasoning behind cancellations.

Anyway, it’s a monthly thing and I’m on the right track to earn it back :wink:


Because PPH wants me to pay so I can work there and they can earn a commission. That is outrageous. Fiverr is not making me pay a monthly fee to sell here. They get paid when I get paid.

The new standards are ridiculously high, thanks to them, the brand name category no longer has any Top Rated Sellers. So, if someone comes to Fiverr wants wants to hire a TRS for that project, it’s impossible.


If I earned on PPH what I earn on Fiverr, with the way the commission structure is done and even with their fees, I would have earned around 10% more. For some, investing in their business in this way makes sense. I don’t like the site as their gigs (hourlies) dont get the same traffic that Fiverr’s do and most jobs come through bidding which I hate.
I picked up a couple of repeat clients there which was ok when I was starting as a freelancer and they order monthly but aside from that, I don’t engage there at all. I don’t recommend it as a platform unless you really don’t have any work.


I’m getting orders on Fiverr, but my average this month is $41.6 per day. Better than December, but not awesome.

PPH was weird, they want your description to be 150 characters but not much longer than that. If you write 120 characters, they won’t accept it. I tried posting hourlies, since I figure that was like Fiverr, but was rejected.

If you say PPH doesn’t get Fiverr’s traffic, why bother?


I’ve had 5 hourlies taken down the past 3 years because they were reselling my gigs here at a higher rate.


I remember trying PPH at one point, I was able to setup hourlies just fine but I never got any sales.

Then they started charging you for staying on the platform and I deleted my profile.


Not yet :sunglasses:

Who know perhaps the game will change in the future. UW changed their operation too.