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How people send offer so first.?

I don’t get it…How people send offers so first.? Before I describe anything about the buyer’s project buyers get almost 150+ offers. I don’t get a chance to show my explanations. All that happens is I stand for last :slight_smile:

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Some people use a copy and paste response to do it and since freelance is so competitive they will try very hard to get orders.

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I see…but If I make copy for a offer letter for a certain project and send it several time won’t it get spam?

thank you for your response .

Yes it might be classed as spam thus I don’t do it but I think people get away with it because buyers only tend to send 1 request so they don’t tend to notice two offers being the same.

That’s a good point…It would be hard for me to compete with others as a newcomer. Thanks for your answer.

Don’t send copy and paste responses! Most buyers usually skip right over those because those offers don’t show how the buyer will complete that specific project.

Instead, make an offer that’s specific to that buyer request and include all the necessary information.

For example, if the buyer request is for a translation, don’t talk about your experience in making logos!


Thanks…I’m getting to understand it :heart: