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How peoples sending msg to buyer?

I m confusing when i post buyer request some people send personal msg to my account directly,is that possible?

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It is possible but it is against the rules.

You should report those sellers using the flag above the message and block them to.

Most of the people who do that are desperate, frauds, scammers or just ignorant.

Best to avoid them.

I am sorry that you are having this experience with BR but unfortunately that is standard behavior due to huge increase of sellers who failed to read TOS and study how Fiverr actually works.


It is possible , they can just go to google type your “username fiverr” and if you’re also a seller google will show them you fiverr seller profile from where they can message you but its completely against ToS of fiverr.

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It is possible when you are both a seller or a buyer because in the app the sellers can see your username.

You can block them and report them because by there contacting you it could potentially mess with your response rate.

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