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How "Popular Search Result" is calculated?

Hello friends, if I search gigs like Logo or Banner, first 6 results are shown as “Popular Search Result”. My question is how these search results are being calculated by Fiverr?

Yes I am wondering the same as well.

no one? Even I saw GIGs with just couple of rating displayed as “Popular Search Result”

I am still interested in this thread… no info? ??

how is this gonna work ,
anyone doesnt know about this ?

Still no one know about this

Forget it, try google search :smiley:

Where is the fiverr moderator who can tell us

Those who have “Popular Search Result” status stay at the top for that keyword. You would think this status is based on your gig being searched on a certain keyword, but if you inquire how they got the “Popular Search Result” most don’t have a clue.

If it is based on a keyword search, than those at the top should keep their Popular Search Result standing since they will be the first ones seen when a buyer does a search.

I notice when Fiverr does any update or changes to the site, the “Popular Search Result” status is removed during an update and my gigs go to the top for that keyword search.

I was also curious to know what actually Is behind the label “Popular Search Result” after I got mine this label.By now I’ve only 6 five star reviews for my gig but why It is in popular search result even when there were people with more reviews.

After reading some gigs I believe the following things are the defining parameters to get this label.

1- Providing Relevant tags ( matching with your gig title)
2- Small gig title.
3- Well written gig description.

In my opinion, that must be some of (but not limited to) factors defining it but If anyone else has got some more stuff about it I am still curious.

Next thing I am going to try a video for my gig. And I will share the difference.

You points are good.