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How possible is to get funded in fiverr?

How possible is to get funded in fiverr

It depends on your gig, how well you do and there are some stories about super seller examples here in the forums, go back to the front page and scroll down.

YOu just have to have some patience and learn to work the system and also be very good at what you do, hvae a proper write up, gig info, photos, and all that other stuff.

@zamayokwana From looking at your profile you may be confused about what Fiverr is. While your gig probably doesn’t violate anything, it isn’t likely to get you funds. Fiverr is not really a charity or crowdfund site. People normally buy and sell actual services on Fiverr. Look at seller profiles and read their gigs to see. If you want to earn money here you will do better with gigs that provide a product or service to the buyer.

I agree with @fonthaunt.

Maybe you could put together a document with some tips and drills for young soccer players and sell that.

There are ‘charity’ gigs on Fiverr, but the sellers still offer something tangible, like a handmade product, or t-shirts - the usual items for fundraisers. I think you could do well selling information to help players and/or coaches. Good luck!