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How promises with beautiful words deceived me

Seller ******* !!! Please stay away from him. Even I, who have been in the SEO for over 20 years, succumbed to his sweet promises. Moreover, like a complete fool I got caught three times in a row.
There were no results of his work, but he answered so convincingly that Google slowly indexes the pages where he posted links, but when it indexes, everything will be fine.
More than 40 days have already passed and the results are deplorable - for $ 250 I received only one link, which Google counted me as an asset. And this link does not have serious strength and power, so-so.

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Ask for refund. Simple.


Hi Marina,
There are 2 things:

  1. It is probably too late
  2. Main issue not a money, but feeling stupid

If we learned anything on Fiverr and that it is never to late to get refund, you have sellers here complaining about canceled orders 6 months or even year after order was completed.

Regarding 2, sorry. Fiverr is more lottery then hiring professionals sometimes.

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The only way to guarantee backlinks for someone is if you’re doing a sketchy blackhat thing.

Getting organic backlinks is dependent on many factors, most of which have nothing to do with the SEO’s work, but instead related to content that websites actually want to link to.

Google rewards backlinks that are relevant and helpful and of interest. So getting anything that differs from that is not an effective strategy and downright unethical.

No one should be selling backlink placements or placing them manually.


… and in fact, I think Fiverr are slowly removing those backlink gigs …

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