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How promissing Fiverr is for Software developers?

Hello All,

I have been on fiverr for quite some time, but as you can see on my profile, I haven’t done some great job here :). That is because I was offering services on fiverr related to my hobbies and not related to my expertise.

Now, in attempt to improve the things, I am trying to create gigs related to my field of expertise, which is Software development.

But I have huge concern that Fiverr just isn’t the right (or maybe I shall say: the best) place for this kind of gigs???

Yet this is just my assumption and doesn’t mean it is true.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject and hopefully I will get responses from a lot of software developers as well as from other category sellers, so I can get as close as possible to the real situation about my concern.

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A seller can offer just about any service they want here on Fiverr, so long as it is legal and within the rules of Fiverr. How successful that service will be depends entirely upon whether there are potential buyers looking for that service.

So, when you’re deciding what services to offer, try testing them out. Post a software development service, and if it receives orders, then you’ve hit on a successful gig. If you post it and no one places an order after a certain amount of time (however long you want to test the gig on Fiverr), then it may be that buyers are not interested, and you need to either adjust the gig or the service that you offer… or try testing out another service.

Fiverr is a great fit for many services, while it may not be a perfect fit for others. The only way to know for sure is to test the market and see what buyers are looking for.

Have a look at my profile, i’m a dev also, I only however do small jobs on fiverr and I stretch out my gigs extras.

I do however make long term buyers here.

I do .NET development just like you. I do VB.NET not C# I had a custom database application gig in drafts but I deleted it because that would be too much work for so little.

It’s a good thing I know web development also so i use that to my advantage.

Thank you both for your comments. @jonbaas: I would say that being able to to use fiverr to create decent revenue is skill by itself. Obviously I haven’t mastered yet :slight_smile:
@qualifieditguy: Great that you have made long term clients, wish you even more luck in future. My plan or experiment with my only gig so far was to use fiverr for my expertise - creating custom WinForms controls. Clients would have opportunity to buy great looking WinForms controls that I have already created, and thanks to the fact that I have already created my controls it wouldn’t be much work for me at the moment when buyer would place his order… I assume your gig had a lot of adjustments and that’s why it was not effective for you. Maybe you could improve it or make it more generic?

But with all these fast technology movement my WInForms controls are not in real demand on the market…

Anyway, I am positive and hoping to reach the right buyers.

I’d say go for this but do exactly what Jonbaas has suggested. Create a gig biut if it doesn’t sell simply change your offering. I originally found Fiverr trying to get someone to turn one of my books into an Amazon ready ebook. After learning how to do this myself, I came back to Fiverr in the hope of making loads of money myself doing this same kind of work.

To date though, I’ve made 7 sales in total on that original gig, whereas the writing gigs which I later expanded into sell phenomenally well (for me at least). Recently then I’ve just expanded into video. The trick is to never lose faith in your abilities, just try and measure the market as you go to see which of your specific abilities are in demand.

i am software dev too, i am on fiverr for around 3 months, and i made around 1,300$, and i have always many orders in queue, doesn’t it look promissing?

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I also do development. I have small Excel gigs but most of my work is larger custom development. Like @qualifieditguy though I find that the development work is a lot of work for less return/hour than the smaller gigs. But if you’re selling specific ‘chunks’ and you’ve already developed them then you might be fine. You won’t know if your gig is popular/needed until you try it though, paraphrasing @jonbaas.