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How promote gig

Hi i am new on this platform how promote my gig


The same ways everyone else does. Or maybe find ways that suit the habits of the people you want to buy from you.

Best to take a bit of time to read about what people have done to help develop success (and how to avoid doing all those same dumb things that scare away success).



Share your gigs on all your social media platforms and try to use SEO wordings in your gigs.

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same question… as i am new to fiverr

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Just share your gig on your social media platforms

@waqar_khann i have tried it as well

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@khizrakhalid07 Wellcome to Fiverr

@sanaaliabbasi thanks dear

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did you see any improvement?

not yet @waqar_khann

for how much time your present here?

@waqar_khann almost all the time

send maximum buyer requests

you stay 14 hours online Fiverr and share gig social media…

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I am a new seller with one GIG. I started approaching known contacts, friends and relatives by creating awareness about freelancers portal (Fiverr) and then about my GIG telling them meaning and purpose. I got positive response. First thing I asked them is to signup. After sign up telling them about GIG helped me.

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I’m so lost! I’m trying to create a gig but…:woman_facepalming:t2::persevere::crazy_face:

One of the best ways to promote a fiverr gig is through social media. On Facebook for example, you can post in groups or share on pages. Find relevant groups on both Facebook and Telegram.

Twitter can be a good lead source if used strategically. You can comment under relevant posts, create an account as a freelancer and post content.

If you have an ad budget, create a profile on Instagram is a good move. Even without a budget, you will still get some traffic.

Finally learn how to SEO your gigs- on page and off page.

All the best!

you have to share your gig in all social media.
and push more keywords in title and description. and please please don’t copy from others.

social media is the best place for promoting your gig.