How promote my gigs?


I trying buyer request, but its always empty? Its normal?
Maybe i need change category…but how?
I have only 2 reviews for one year
Help, please
Also, i cant change my nickname
I think its facebook registration problem


try to change your gig gallery well as upload a video related with your gig.gig video will increase your sales in 200%.(fiverr says).send buyer request everyday and share your gig on social media.

I think this tip helpful for you!

best regards!


How to send buyer request?


there is selling tab ,it has buyer request.


It always epmty …


You can see this video


i see…but it always empty…


You gig images are attractive enough for impressions and if you do some marketing to share your gigs on social media and you can boost your sales.


share your account link on different social media networks and must use daily 10 buyer request.


Now its working! Thanks
Already send 3 offers, no one answer, but anyway its good