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How protected is seller on fiverr?


No doubt fiverr gives more then extra support to buyers and in a order buyer always have a choice to cancel the order any time he want by mutual cancellation or by contacting the support but where do the protection of sellers stands on fiverr ? I know its important to make sure that buyer gets what he paid for but giving that much extra support to buyers give opportunity to few buyers to easily scam sellers after getting what they ordered for.Many people came across this issue while working on fiverr that after delivery buyers give useless and false reasons to cancel the order and in this case buyer have 99% chances even i would say 100% chances of getting his money back so what could be the precautions for sellers to be safe on fiverr ? I read lot of guides for buyers before buying a gig but actually sellers need more guidelines then buyers to be safe on fiverr because of extra support of fiverr to buyers.So if there is someone who can write guide for sellers too to be safe on fiverr because now this trend is getting very common to cancel a order after getting what buyer ordered for but also now fiverr also have to change its polices on protections because with this type of protection sellers are now packing their bags seriously also share your experience with the buyer who just scammed you in sense cancelled the order after getting the delivery


Reply to @arlissa: Rightly said because fiverr should not throw this fact on the back foot that if there is no seller on their website their will be no buyer too


Reply to @monigirl: unfortunately at the recent time fiverr support buyers 100% more then sellers but sellers are somehow protected because there is only one scam buyer out of every 1000 buyers i guess :slight_smile:


Ok, I’m getting that a lot. Buyer cancels when I deliver and that’s it! Waste of time from my part. How can sellers be protected from these scammers???


Maybe… If you suspect the buyer, don’t deliver the complete version until order is marked complete. I usually dealt with buyers that were legit, although I ran into a couple that tried to rip me off. Fortunately, most buyers that try to rip you off on Fiverr aren’t that smart (If they were smarter, they’d have a job and wouldn’t need to do it in the first place). So, just saying, try to be a step ahead of your customers so you know who you are dealing with. I was also thinking about creating a site where you could report buyers, and other sellers could check the reputation of whom they were dealing with (Chrome extension).


Reply to @dtes76: Well such website can be really useful to inquire about the reputation that is great idea :slight_smile: but 2ndly if either you deliver half version first and the buyer mark order as completed then also the buyer have a choice of contacting support and getting their money back I think if fiverr can make such dispute thing like paypal where both sellers and buyers can show proofs to the support that who is scamming this can work even better I think!


Or, it’s also annoying when a buyer doesn’t read your description well, then wants to cancel because he/she didn’t know what they bought! It’s unfair to the seller because the buyer should be more careful before ordering. I think Fiverr needs to come up with a little more seller protection as well.