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How Quality Assurance helps to produce market competitive package

As most of you have heard about, ‘You get what you pay for’
So Quality is not just the process but an investment to build a successful business by meeting or exceeding customers’ expectations, an efficient business that minimizes waste and operates at high levels of productivity.
How it works?
Without Quality filter, launching product may prove dangerous, on the grounds that end users may require extensive changes to be made in the product on the off chance that it doesn’t live up to their desires. In addition, an imperfect programming piece will leave a negative impact on clients. So there might a chance that you lose the business or end’s up in your competitor pockets.
Without Quality checks, business can face unexpected expenses due to developing and distributing patches. Expenses incurred due to increased support costs. High costs associated with service outages. Lawsuits associated with damages resulting from software failures. Increased penalties and insurance costs associated with unreliable software systems. Hence, the purpose of getting more will be lost.
So, Quality Assurance should be the integral part of the development process.
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