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How rank gig on first page

I shared my gig everywhere again again but Still it stuck on 4 no. page …
what should I do to see my gig on first page?



It will not suddenly move to the first page … you keep on handwork it will move slowly by beating the impressions, views and reviews of the gigs on top of you.

Just imagine the gigs on top of you putting same effort to go to the first page then your gig will not move … the logic is if you work harder the the gigs on top of you then only your gig will move forward.

Hope to answered to your question


What you say is not really true … sure impressions and orders count, but what actually happens is that fivv at a certain point simply knocks your gigs completly off, meaning they will NOT appear anywhere, not even on the last page in the category.
fiver is NOT google search, so their alghoritms are nowhere comparable; it seems they have like a maximum number of alocated slots in each cathegory and on the homepage, and with soooooooo many people uploading gigs here it surely is not possible to show them ALL at ALL time. So they filter some out and than they rotate the gigs so when your turn comes again, you stand your chance to show again in the listings :slight_smile:

Keep smiling :grin:


thank you to all…

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I think still your are not clear about how the search result of the gigs will work on fiverr. It will work how it is programed.

First you should know the basic theary of how it is programed then you can understand what i stated is true or false.

just type “product packages” or your filter as product packages under Graphic designing Category and select Best sellers page and see i will on first page every day. if i am not there on the first page it will not go any ware it means i am on vacation mood or my order queue is reached the limit.

Fiver sometimes boost some gigs then it will comes to first page but it is for short time of the period …after few days it will go to exact place upon its rank … i think this is what you mean by “they rotate gigs”

this is your miss understanding … Actually All the gigs are always there … if you can not find it its not mean as its not there

Search result will be depend on the Gig title, Key words and How you filtered

Hope you can understand

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Thanks a nice comment I believe it’s help to keep ranking.

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